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The EDN picks for a good nights entertainment out on the town.

Jay Alm – Bringing Jackson to Eugene


Traveling through Eugene, Jackson , Wyoming singer/songwriter Jay Alm, blew the roof off of the Growler Underground in Springfield on Friday July 8th.

Bow Down To The Sultans


Nothing beats slide guitar when it comes to sheer energy, excitement and seriously cool sounds.

Elephant Revival Invades Eugene


From a small town in Colorado comes a big sound.

Black Powder County Explodes!


“Black Powder County” EXPLOSION NOISE!!!

What’s up this Weekend?

Cliff and Kevin

The weekend Rocks!

“Cheap Champagne and Midnight Kisses”


Cheap Champagne and Midnight Kisses…what do you have planned for New Years?

Night on the Town – Saturday

eager beavers - the band

Saturday Night on the Town: Ducks vs USC at the Cooler, then we’ll spend a little time with the Eager Beavers.

Night on the Town – Friday

Looking like a literary Daniel Craig as Bond - Chuck Palahniuk brings his next work to the WOW Hall tonight.

Chuck Palanhiuk is in town and there is a Duck football game tomorrow against USC. Could Night on the Town have a better edition to start the official weekend?

Night on the Town – Thursday

Every night on the town starts somewhere, tonight calls for a time machine.

Sitting here wishing we had remembered to pre-mix that bloody mary we mentioned you should do last night, but all in all it was worth it. ¬†One more Halloween in the books. Level UP, Orion, Undermind and Small Joys….oh yeah.

Night on the Town – Halloween

Luckey's will be the final destination on Halloween night, a place to let the rest of your Halloween spirits expose themselves. Photo courtesy of kval.com

Night on the Town comes back early this week for a special Halloween edition that is sure to get your fright night headed in the right direction.

Open Mics

  • 08/28/16 Open Mic in Eugene, Oregon at Cush
  • 08/29/16 Singer/Songwriter Open Mic in Eugene, Oregon at Wandering Goat
  • 08/29/16 Rooster’sBlues Jam in Eugene, Oregon at Mac’s
  • 08/29/16 Poetry Open Mic in Eugene, Oregon at Cush
  • 08/29/16 Open Mic in Eugene, Oregon at First National Taphouse

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