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Who is the Real Mark Huff?

“Even when you’re happy, there’s a teardrop in your drink” says it all.  This is a sentiment understood by anyone who has not lived a charmed life.  Mark Huff’s new album “Down River” is a so personal it can’t help speaking directly to the heart. Mark’s Dad is a golf pro and moved the family […]

The Security Project – Time Machine

All that was missing was the smoke swirling on stage. It was like stepping into a time machine

Cletis Carr – Home again (for awhile)

Cletis Carr is coming home. Be there for this exceptional concert.

Evie Ladin-Appalachia Meets Contemporary Ideas

Five years with her band has produced three cds and miles on the road.  Evie Ladin was raised on the east coast with a family who participated in the folk revival in New York, New Jersey and Baltimore. Music and dance was the norm for her childhood. Musicians and dancers were at her home visiting with her Dad […]


The neo-trad-kinetic-folk of her Evie Ladin Band is a mingling of the deep Appalachian sound of clawhammer banjo, guitar, bass and percussive dance, with contemporary storytelling and original, conversational interplay among the band members; partly influenced by living in New York, Baltimore – in cities, not mountains, with hip hop on the radio; and her attraction to […]

Laney Jones- 8,000 miles on the road

Driving into town in her big black van, Laney Jones shows up with a passion for her music that cannot be denied.

A Big Northwest Talent and A Haunting New Video

After decades of album releases and touring, Northwest artist Big Monti Amundson releases his first official video – and it’s worth the wait.

The Great Hiatum

Members of The Great Hiatum

The Great Hiatum is truly a band that brings many different styles to whatever venue they perform at. A local band from Eugene, this group seeks to get you off of your seat and dancing.

Small Joys

The Small Joys are an indie band from the northwest that feature Olivia Rae on vocals, Michael Stein on bass, and Dan K on the guitar.

Rare Monk

Rare Monk is an indie band from Portland, Oregon that dabbles with numerous instruments to create a great fusion of music that can experiment with a wide range of genres all at one time.

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