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Viognier: What a Grape

Viognier is a grape that is full of lush, fruit flavors. Check one out for yourself, Cheers!

What’s in My Glass? Arch Terrace Syrah

The next time you stop by downtown Eugene, check out the First National Taphouse for some delicious wine on tap. The 2010 Arch Terrace Syrah is a great choice for a big red wine full of berry flavors. Cheers!

The Clear Benefits of Glass Corks

Are glass corks they the way of the future? There are many sealing options in addition to just the traditional corks used in the past. Glass corks may just be the way of the future. Cheers!

What’s In the Glass?

William Rose wines are local (just off 5th and Lincoln in Eugene), and delicious. Make sure and try the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blend for a tart, but refreshing wine drinking experience. Cheers!

What’s in My Glass? Lavelle Vineyards

Lavelle Vineyards produces many varietals. The 2012 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is a big bodied Pinot, made with lots of love. Stop by one of their two locations to get yourself a taste of this delicious wine. Cheers!

Food Pairing Challenge: Pinot Noir

Food and wine pairing can be a very fun experience, especially if that wine is Oregon Pinot Noir! Everything from smoked ham to curry pair well with Pinot, but try creamy french onion soup next time you are looking for a quick, complimentary pairing. Cheers!

Creswell Bakery: Frugal Wine Heaven

Creswell Bakery sells delicious pastries, fresh made lunch items, and has an amazing wine selection. Check them out! It is a short drive to delicious.

Tannins on the Tongue

Tannins present in wine create well rounded, complex, and very drinkable wines. Cheers!

The Frugal Wine Gal: Prohibition Rosé

The Southern Willamette Valley has some awesome wine industry growth right now. One of my favorite local producers is William Rose. They produce their wines right in the heart of Eugene, and sell it right off 5th and Lincoln at their location, The Oregon Wine Lab.

Become a Wine Tasting Pro

Wine tasting can be a great time, but also educational! The Wine Aroma Wheel can be a useful tool to help any wine taster feel like a pro. Simply take a sip, and follow the wheel. Enjoy!

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