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BJ’s Weekend Report

Zombie Dancers

Be on the look out: Alien Boys and Zombie mobs are headed to town this weekend!

BJ’s Weekend Report

2nd Wind

About a band…A story from a small back yard studio.

BJ’s Weekend Report

Jeff and Scott

What is YOUR weekend gonna be like? This week I’m starting with a little pub and music venue 20 minutes south of Eugene called The Axe and Fiddle…

BJ’s Weekend Report


Into the Fall with this Weekends “Where, When and Whats Happening”

BJ’s Weekend Report

Florida Georgia Line Concert

Its Friday! Welcome to the Weekend. Lots of live music and a special party for a local favorite bassist.

BJ’s Weekend Report

Ice Cold Beverage

What will you be doing this weekend?

BJ’s Weekend Report

Code Red- Mark Nash

The 3 “W”s you just can’t live without.

BJ’s Weekend Report

Local band Cheap Truck

Hi there everybody – its BJ! Thanks for stopping by my little corner where every Friday I’m going to let you in on some ”where, when and what” is happening for the weekend.

Jeffrey Martin: Naked and Not So Alone

Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin is a singer/songwriter whose songs capture moments in time that strike the emotional chords within all of us, causing a lump in the throat, and eyes to tear; the unadulterated raw emotional intimacy that each of us, as human beings experience, but to whom few can articulate, let alone capture in a song.

The Northwest Gets It’s First Cigar Box Guitar Festival


Come join us for the very first Cigar Box Guitar Fest Northwest where you can mingle with the area’s Cigar box guitar enthusiasts and builders of the fast growing Cigar Box Guitar phenomenon.

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