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BJ’s : Where, When, What’s Happening!

Mark Nash

Meet the Musicians…

BJ’s Where, When and Whats Happening ?

Derek Z

Getting to know our local musicians.

Hopstories – The Hard Way


Eric Buist of Buist Media has been crafting “Hopstories” for the last couple years. These mini-documentaries of Oregon Craft breweries are informative and entertaining, but the newest piece takes the yeast cake

“Cheap Champagne and Midnight Kisses”


Cheap Champagne and Midnight Kisses…what do you have planned for New Years?

The Babadook


More than just a bump-in-the-night thriller, the Babadook explores the corrosive effect of grief on a widow and her troubled son.

Whiplash Movie Review


A review of the new film Whiplash starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons.

BJ’s Weekend Report

BJ with the Bullet Boys

BJ and the Bullet Boys, plus a little Steel Wool!

Sonic Highways: The World According to Grohl

feature sonic

In HBO’s new mini-series Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways, Dave Grohl takes us (and his bandmates) on a tour of eight recording studios across the United States, and in the process gives us a look into how different artists in different cities shaped the musical landscape of America.

BJ’s Weekend Report

Zombie Girl

Happy Rockin’ Halloween!

BJ’s Weekend Report

Zombie Child

When you go out to see live music, what kind of music are you looking for: something different than usual or the same familiar/comfortable songs?

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