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Why Should We Care?

Hurricane Satellite View

The renowned Professor William Gray has been known worldwide for his annual predictions regarding the number and strength of the tropical storms and hurricanes that could form in the upcoming Atlantic-Caribbean season. Why should we care about that” I’ll explain.

New Winery Alert! Cória Estates


Cória Estates is a new winery south of Salem. They grow all of their own grapes on their vast 90 acre estate. Their estate grown Pinot Gris, Rosé of Pinot Noir, and Pinot Noir are not only delicious but so affordable. Cheers!

Where Did The Week Go…

Prom Proposal-Mark Bowder

Where Did The Week Go: Ibrahim Ahmad’s prom proposal is the bomb… literally, Daniel Mondelice arrested for arguing Jordan vs. Lebron and Marissa Holcomb gets justice.

Film Fanatic: Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Scene from His Films, ‘Furious 8′ Release Date

Christopher Nolan-Tribeca Film Festival

Film Fanatic: Christopher Nolan’s favorite scene from his films and ‘Furious 8′ Set for release in 2017.

What’s In My Glass? Torii Mor Pinot Gris


Torii Mor is a winery with a history that goes back all the way to the early 1970s. They now produce some very high quality Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and even Brandy! In my glass today, I have the 2014 Pinot Gris. So crisp, fruit forward, and delicious – you are going to want to try this one for yourself. Cheers!

BJ’s Where, When, Whats Happening!


Whats Happening this Weekend!

Frugal Wine Gal: David Hill Farmhouse Red


David Hill Winery has really outdone themselves with their “Farmhouse Red”. This is a well rounded and balanced blend of grapes that were grown in Washington. Bold and enjoyable – you will love this blend! Cheers!

See, It Can Happen Here, Just Not Very Often.

Flipped Car

Last week we experienced something that is relatively rare in the state or Oregon a tornado. I’ll show you the damage and explain what happened.

Where Did The Week Go…

Alaska Airlines Sleep-Port of Seattle Survelliance Video

Where Did The Week Go: Tanguy Pepiot celebrates too early, loses race, baggage handler falls asleep in cargo hold of airplane as it takes off, Kevin Hargrove steals thousands worth in diapers.

What’s In My Glass? Willamette Valley Vineyards


I am loving the 2012 Dijon Clone Chardonnay by Willamette Valley Vineyards. This wine is just the perfect balance of toast and bright acidity. Enjoy on a beautiful sunny day or, whenever! Cheers!

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