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Behind The Wine: J.Scott Cellars


J.Scott Cellars is a producer of premium wines that are truly representative of Oregon. Originally from California, this winemaker brings over 20 years of skill and his love of the grape into each bottle. Jonathan Oberlander, Owner and Proprietor, sat down with me and we talked all things Oregon wine. Cheers!

Great Gift Idea: Wine Bottle Candles!


Bella Bevanda wine bottle candles smell delicious, and are a great gift idea for any wine lovers out there. You can find them at wineries and retail locations in Oregon and Washington. Cheers!

They Don’t Always Obey The Rules.

Satellite View Tropical Storm Ana 5/9/15 | NOAA Image by www.mashable.com

There are many rules in the world and for just about all of them there are exceptions. As in nature when man draws a line or sets a timetable nature doesn’t always follow the rules. In my example I’ll discuss Tropical Storm Ana which decided to arrive nearly a month before the official storm season begins.

Where Did The Week Go…

Associated Press

Where Did The Week Go: Fan starts crowdfunding drive to help pay for Deflategate fine, Myrna Arias fired for deleting app and Steve Easton has dart tip stuck up his nose for 44 years.

The Frugal Wine Gal: Evolution Sparkling Wine


Sokol Blosser is a producer of fine wines in the Dundee Hills. This is a family operated winery for over 35 years, and a staple of the Oregon wine industry. The Evolution Sparkling Wine is one of great quality, and at an amazing price point. Trust me, you will love this wine. Cheers!

Film Fanatic: Box Office Showdown: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Vs. ‘Pitch Perfect 2′

Pitch Perfect-Mad Max-hollywoodreporter.com

Film Fanatic: Box Office Showdown: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Vs. ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ and Warner Bros. planning a new ‘Fugitive’ movie.

What’s up this Weekend?

Cliff and Kevin

The weekend Rocks!

Where Did The Week Go…

Brit Blogger - swns.com

Where Did The Week Go: Cavs apologize for promo showing man throwing woman to the ground, Steve Carruthers sneaks into Mayweather v Pacquiao fight, school bus driver traps children inside.

“When It Rains It Pours.®”

Morton Salt Poster

With so many places on earth, including nearby California, experiencing serious drought conditions the lack of fresh drinking water is becoming more serious. A process known as desalination removes the salt from sea water, but it is a very expensive process. I’ll explain.

What’s In My Glass? 2014 Chehalem Rosé


The Chehalem 2014 Rosé is full of delicious fruit flavors, and bright acidity. This winery knows how to make a fantastic Rosé, that’s for sure. Cheers!

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