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Tic-Tac-Toe In The Sky Or Something More Sinister?

"Chemtrails In The Sky" | Photo by cosmicconvergence.org

Are they jet contrails or “chemtrails?” I’ll define and discuss them. You decide what you want to believe.

Where Did The Week Go…

Jahson Marryshow-KVAL

WDTWG has Keanu Reeves in a home invasion, bank robber Jahson Marryshow caught playing frisbee and Derrick Skou bit by a bat while playing the guitar.

Film Fanatic: ‘Bourne 5,’ Liam Neeson, ‘Deadpool’ Movie

Bourne 5 - indiewire.com

Film Fanatic focuses on Matt Damon returning to the Bourne frachise, Liam Neeson’s illustrious action career and a Deadpool Movie happening.

Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston: From Hero to Moron in 15 Seconds


Florida State and Clemson kickoff on Saturday night at 5pm Pacific Time on ABC. Jameis Winston will again miss the first half. Oregon and Washington State kickoff over on ESPN at 7:30pm Pacific Time.

Hopped Up Eugene

photo 3

On this weeks Hopped Up: Flying Dog Brewery’s Raging Bitch Belgian style IPA paired with burrata pasta and the beer trade.

Growing up Italian: My other home….is a Jewel!


AL FRESCO:Adverb (al-/fres-/ko’): Dining style during the summer months in a party-like atmosphere, outside, “in the cool air”. To me, it means way more than that. These two words carry a million memories: scents, tastes, sensations and memories of people whose paths crossed mine indelibly, even if it was for a distant, faded moment in the […]

I Had To Decide “Weather OR Not” For My Future.

Me On TV

I was asked: When did I get interested in weather and what is it that draws me to it? I’ll give you the low down on how my journey around the country forecasting the weather got started.

Where Did The Week Go…


WDTWG looks at Chipotle workers walking off the job, Rayven Kahae receiving a prosthetic Iron Man hand and Bryan Remley offering to mow Joseph Chihak’s lawn after attempting to burglarize his home.

Film Fanatic: Paul Greengrass, Batmobile Photo, ‘Zoolander’ Sequel News

Batmobile - Clay Enos

The latest Film Fanatic focuses on Paul Greengrass working with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, a photo of the new Batmobile and ‘Zoolander 2′ news.

Growing up Italian – Rosa Mariotti


Things I took for granted growing up Italian, have now become treasured experiences. Flavors, smells and memories, are part of my repertoire of sensory recalls I hope to share with you.

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