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Who Came Up With That “Cool Idea?”

Air Conditioners | Image by empireplumbingac.com

Hot weather makes us really appreciate air conditioning, but how and when did the idea of cooling the air take shape? I have the answer.

Where Did The Week Go…

Tom White - campeche.com

WDTWG is back with stories featuring Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett in a selfie, Michael Harp ordering a pizza from jail and a unique love story with Ewan McGregor and Eva Green as the Netflix pick.

Film Fanatic: ‘Uncharted’ Movie, Beatles Doc., ‘Fight Club’ at Comic-Con

Uncharted - zap2it.com

Film Fanatic returns with news on the ‘Uncharted’ movie, Ron Howard directing a Beatles documentary and ‘Fight Club’ celebrated at Comic-Con.

Hopped Up Eugene

Fresh hops ready to be brewed last fall.

In this Hopped Up Eugene: Eric Buist tells stories. Stories about beer. Here is one he told recently about Brewers Union, #4 in his series called HOPSTORIES.

Wine Down Eugene


One of the great things about publishing EDN is the opportunity to find unknown writers and make them known, to give them a platform for their voice. Wine writers in particular.

We’re Having A Heat Wave. What To Do?

Dogs In Car

With the thermometer hovering around 90 degrees F it’s a good idea to learn more about the problems that hot weather can cause and how to avoid them. I have some basic rules for you to survive hot weather.

Would Oregon Ducks Follow in Baylor’s RGIII Bronze Statue Footsteps? I Hope Not

Autzen Stadium Through the Trees. KPNWSports

If the Oregon Ducks decided to build a statue at Autzen to celebrate one of their own, would it be a good idea? Baylor is doing just that and I think it’s stupid.

Hopped Up Eugene – The Oregon Brewers Festival

OBF 2013 4

Oregon Brewers Festival caps off Oregon Beer Month July 23-27 in Portland.

A Perfect Day In Every Way

Enjoying Cool Water At Dexter Lake

This year’s Independence Day celebration at Dexter Lake was a great success. I’ll show you some highlights of a perfect day.

Independence Week: Wine Down Eugene

photo by Jade Helm

With a week of beautiful weather ahead, the 4th of July weekend is bursting at the seams with wine wine events. This weeks wine down is another refreshing break from the standard with a guest article from Jade Helm of Tasting Pour.

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