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Dorothy Couldn’t Get To Oz Without One.


How much do you really know about Tornadoes? Can they strike here in Oregon? How do we measure their strength? I’ll answer all of these questions for you.

Where Did The Week Go…

Cows - patdollard.com

This week’s WDTWG has cows causing an airplane to land, a man who drove a camaro into a swimming pool and a woman getting mugged while giving an interview.

Oregon Ducks Wide Receiver Bralon Addison Is Done for the Year…Or Is He?

Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich after the first day of Spring Practice//April 1, 2014//KPNWSports

The Oregon Football team was hit with a big offensive loss when Wide Receiver Bralon Addison went down with a Torn ACL. Of course the Oregon Football team does not discuss injuries, but is there a chance he could return this season? We won’t know for sure until he hits the field. If not, there is certainly some intrigue at the position with former Oregon Basketball Guard Johnathan Loyd.

Behind The Scenes: Time To Get Outdoors


The highlight of this show for me is my wife joining me on the tube, showing her compassion, lighting up because of the love she has for her brother and showing you don’t have to be a show-off to be good at television.

Wine Down Eugene

wine rack rustic laying down left view

These wine racks are like nothing I’ve ever seen – solidly engineered with precision from reclaimed barn wood, there’s no chemical treatment whatsoever and every crevice and grain of the wood, undoubtedly, has a story to tell.

Blazers’ Corner: The Last Time Portland Won a Playoff Series

Blazers Jazz Playoffs - AP-Kevork Djansezian

What was the world like the last time the Blazers won a playoff series? It’s been so long, the findings might surprise you.

Hopped Up Eugene


I have had the pleasure to attend two of Party Downtown’s Brewers Dinners recently, and both times I’ve walked away inspired to recreate one of their dish pairings in my own home.

Will We Shake, Rattle, And Roll?

Seattle, Washington  Earthquakw | Photo by www.city-data.com

We have heard a lot about the “Big One,” the subduction earthquake that will strike the Pacific Northwest someday. I’ll tell you more about it and how scientists are working to understand how it all works.

Where Did The Week Go…

Kid action star - buzz.mamapedia.com

This week, WDTWG focuses on the Peabody-winning ‘A Needed Response’ video, Daniel Hashimoto, who turned his young son into a YouTube action star and a Notre Dame student who Hulked-out at a massage parlor during after hours.

Film Fanatic: A Fresh Bond Villain, ‘Captain America,’ and Will Ferrell News

Captain America - craveonline.com

Chiwetel Ejiofor is the leading candidate to be the next Bond villain, ‘Captain America 2′ already a giant success and Will Ferrell in another sports movie.

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