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The Poem Is Beautiful, But Trees Can Make Us Work Hard.

Leaf Pile Begins In South Eugene | photo by Tim Chuey

The fall colors have peaked and now the leaves are falling. It’s time to rake, pile and recycle those leaves. I’ll explain the procedure.

Where Did The Week Go…

Rosetta spacecraft-slashgear.com

WDTWG: The successful comet landing, a real-life Batmobile made to help children and kitten therapy for those feeling stressed.

Film Fanatic: Quentin Tarantino Retiring, James Franco and Seth Rogen Naked and Afraid, ‘Fast & Furious’ News

James Franco and Seth Rogen-inquisitr.com

Film Fanatic: Quentin Tarantino to retire after ten films, James Franco and Seth Rogen naked and afraid and ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise moves forward.

Growing up Italian: My American Family Part 2


Here is what I learned from life: Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friends. FRIENDS are. I know, truth can hurt, and don’t get me wrong…I like the bling bling, too. When it comes to real life, though, everybody needs a very close friend. A BFF as they call them now.

The Frugal Wino: Cherry Hill Pinot Noir

Cherry Hill Winery

I love the rush I get when I walk to the wine aisle of my local grocery store. The mixed feeling of curiosity and excitement always get me. There are just so many fantastic, local options that I’m dying to try.

Are You Ready For Winter?

Winter Snowstorm

The season of Winter is fast approaching. Are you prepared to get through it safely? This week is dedicated to Winter Weather Awareness. I’ll explain.

Where Did The Week Go…

Pasta Pass-foxnews.com

WDTWG: Allan Martin eats all the pasta at Olive Garden, zombies emerge from Lake Michigan and Stephen Ramsey calls 911 looking for a date.

Film Fanatic: Box Office Projections, ‘Toy Story 4,’ THR Roundtable Discussion

Toy Story-sourcefed.com

Film Fanatic: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′ box office predictions, ‘Toy Story 4′ announced, The Hollywood Reporter’s roundtable discussion featuring writers.

BJ’s Weekend Report

BJ with the Bullet Boys

BJ and the Bullet Boys, plus a little Steel Wool!

Growing up Italian: My American Family Part 1


As I write this, I shed tears mourning the loss of my beloved aunt. Her departure leaves a big hole in my heart. She was the last standing “matriarch” of our family, in the most complete, loving and generous way. I know my phone won’t be ringing at 7 am ¬†on Sunday morning anymore…. …instead, […]

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