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Solving the ‘Stanford Problem’ Is Key To Oregon Ducks Playoff Hopes

Byron Marshall Runs through a shoestring tackle  | Photo by Gary Breedlove

If Oregon can have a complete game Defensively as it has Offensively this season against Stanford, many of the questions of the last few weeks will be answered and Oregon will remain on track. If the Oregon Ducks win out, they will be in the College Football Playoff.

Talks Too Much?

I'm Talking About Disasters At Roosevelt Middle School| Photo by Matt Bryers

I don’t know about you but as a child I got into a lot of trouble for talking too much when I was not supposed to. One particular incident is the perfect example of how you can turn a bad situation to one that is much worse. I’ll explain, and you’ll probably laugh.

Where Did The Week Go…

Duck Beer Pong-@JeffWhiteee

Fantasy football fight, Oregon Duck beer pong and John Boyett arrested in the latest Where Did The Week Go.

SportsDesk: Oregon Ducks Win vs Cal, But Lose ‘The All Important Perception’ of Finishing

Marcus Mariota | (David Zalubowski/AP Photo)

Oregon could face one more ranked team this season before the Pac-12 Championship Game in Utah, who they visit on November 9th. Utah is feisty and will play USC on Saturday. Oregon needs to dominate from this point on to have a legitimate chance at a National Title this season, or we could have another week of top team losses for Oregon to move up.

Film Fanatic: Bale to Play Steve Jobs, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer, ‘The Martian’ News

Avengers- Age of Ultron-ibtimes

Film Fanatic: Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs, Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer arrives and the cast for The Martian grows.

BJ’s Weekend Report

Zombie Child

When you go out to see live music, what kind of music are you looking for: something different than usual or the same familiar/comfortable songs?

The Frugal Wino: Evolution Red


From the very start of my wine journey – I’ve always loved red wines. Especially red blends. In addition to growing excellent pinot noir, Oregon can impress with it’s large bodied reds. There are many big red varietals (i.e. cabernet sauvignon, tempranillo, or merlot) that are grown in Southern Oregon because of the warmer climate. However, today’s selection is from a little further north.

To Smoke, Or Not To Smoke, That Is The Question.


Winter is fast approaching and that means the Home Wood Heating Advisory will return. What is it, what does it mean, and why do we need it? I’ll answer all of these questions for you.

Where Did The Week Go…


WDTWG features a ridiculous Florida debate, marijuana Halloween candy and a santa zombie breaking into a house.

SportsDesk: Oregon Knows About ‘The Pick’, Does The Rest of the Country Care?


If Oregon had the lead back in 1994 before the interception, would the play be remembered the same way? If it wasn’t, what play would be in it’s place to last for twenty years?

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