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Tim Chuey’s Weather or Not

Where Did That Name Come From Anyway?

Drain, OR | Photo by theslowlane.com

Oregon has some really unusual place names and I was wondering where they came from. I’ll show you some of the unusual place names I found and how they got those unique names.

“Chain, Chain, Chain” Sang Aretha Franklin.

Early Days Of Automobile Snow Chains | Photo by

Winter weather is not far off so I thought I’d answer the burning question “Who’s idea was it to put chains on car tires to drive on snowy roads?” and when were they first used? I’ll explain.

Don’t Just “Leaves” Them Alone.

Leaves And Gutter

It’s that time of the year again when we are supposed to get those pesky leaves raked up and removed from our yards. Do you remember what you are supposed to do and when your leaves will be collected? I’ll explain.

It’s Just Around The Corner. Are You Ready?

Winter Weather Safety | Image www.ok.gov

Winter is just around the corner, but are you prepared for the different kinds of winter weather situations we can experience here in the Pacific Northwest? I’ll explain.

El Nino Is Really Happening.

Winter Temperature Outlook | Image by NOAA

It’s time to take another look at the computer projections for our upcoming Winter. I’ll have the details.

The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread.

Modern Bread Slicing Machine | Photo by sheepsheadbites.comshepsheadbites.com

The saying “The greatest thing since sliced bread” has been around a long time. I wondered how long has sliced bread been around and who came up with the idea to pre-slice a loaf of bread? I’ll explain.

As A Kid It Was Often My Job.

Hand Washing The Dishes | Photo by jezebel.com

I don’t know about you but I always hated to do the dishes by hand. Automatic dishwashers take care of that for me now. Who made the first one? Why did they come up with it in the first place? I’ll explain.

The Apple Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree.

Gravity, Apple Falling | Image by www.ogpen.wordpress.com

Gravity has been around since, well, ever, but what is it? It can also have consequences. I’ll explain.

The River Is Deep And The River Is Wide, Or Is It?

Ferry Street Bridge Over The Willamette River | Photo by www.flikr.com

Our recent drought has brought the river levels down to levels that cause problems for the fish in the water…

A Free Cat House? You Bet!

Hunter In His New House | Photo by Tim Chuey

In searching for a house for my outdoor cat I couldn’t find one that would fit in the space available and that was inexpensive. I decided to build one myself or FREE! I’ll explain.

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