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Dorothy Couldn’t Get To Oz Without One.


How much do you really know about Tornadoes? Can they strike here in Oregon? How do we measure their strength? I’ll answer all of these questions for you.

Will We Shake, Rattle, And Roll?

Seattle, Washington  Earthquakw | Photo by www.city-data.com

We have heard a lot about the “Big One,” the subduction earthquake that will strike the Pacific Northwest someday. I’ll tell you more about it and how scientists are working to understand how it all works.

The “Eyes” Have It.

Placing Artificial Lens In My Eye | Photo by Suzanne Chuey

There have been monumental changes in what can be done for people with cataracts. I’ll tell you what it was like about 50 years ago and what it was like for me to have cataract surgery.

Three Hundred By Fifty By Thirty Cubits, But Where’s The Flood?

Willamette River Runs Through Eugene | Photo by activerain.com

We’re still in our rainy season so it is possible there could be a time when flood or flash flood warnings would be issued. I’ll help you understand the terminology so the weather bulletin issued makes sense to you.

‘Round And ‘Round She Goes And Where She Stops…


They orbit the earth while looking down at our atmosphere. Weather satellites perform a special service for all weather forecasters. I’ll start with the first one and show you their evolution.

Can Cats Really Predict The Weather?

Rolland The Cat (Weather Cat? Can He Predict?) | Picture by Tim Chuey

There are a lot of weather sayings that describe how animals, plants, or insects can predict the weather. I’ll show you some that are true and others that are just entertaining though totally false.

It’s Translation, Harbor Wave, Sounds So Serene.

Tsunami Close-up Wave | Photo by tsun.sscc.nu

Its translated names don’t sound so bad, but a tsunami is a very serious phenomenon. What causes them and what do they do? I have the answers to those questions and more.

Frontogenesis Is Not A Book In The Bible.

Frontogenesis Diagram | Image entnet.com

Frontogenesis is an important meteorological term. I’ll explain it and tell you why it is important for our daily weather forecasts.

Doppler What?

Doppler Radar Dome | Photo by 4warnweatherteam.com

You see and hear a lot about Doppler radar, but do you really know what it is? I’ll explain what it is and how it works.

The Anatomy Of A Snowstorm

Winter Storm February 2014 South Hills Of Eugene | Photo by Tim Chuey

The Eugene-Spriingfield area and the entire state of Oregon just experienced a major winter storm. What elements did it take to produce the storm and what occurred each day? This is the Anatomy of a Snowstorm.

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