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Tim Chuey’s Weather or Not

Can Satellites Really Find Contaminated Water?

Satellite View Of Algae

The season for Blue-green algae blooms in our local waterways is fast approaching. New technology using satellites will help the scientists find these potentially dangerous blooms so they can better warn the public. I’ll tell you ow it’s going to be done.

How Did A Bunny End Up As A Representative Of Easter?

Easter Bunnies | Image by thewentworth.com

How in the world did Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, end up being also symbolized by a rabbit who gives out eggs and/or candy? I’ll explain.

It’s 363 Miles Long, But What Is It?

Central Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast takes a beating from wind and waves and the result can be serious beach erosion, but at the same time some areas are building up. A report gives insight into the issue. I’ll explain.

We Missed “The Ring Of Fire.”

Total Eclipse

Three things occurred on the same day, March 20, 2015. I’ll explain what they were and give you a look at them.

A Hobby That Will “Stick” With You.

Space Shuttle Enterprise - Starship Enterprise , My Home-Office Ceiling | Photo by Tim Chuey

When I was much younger I started building plastic models of cars, airplanes, etc, and had one close-call that was totally unexpected. See some of the models I built and read what could have been a tragedy, but worked out OK in the end.

Losing A “Friend” Is Never Easy.


Our dear “Friend” Rolland passed away, but we will always have fond memories of a this cute cat who stole our hearts and kept us laughing for almost 19 years.

Missed It By That Much.

The Exorcist

How often have you been near greatness? Like when a friend or relative ends up in the “spotlight” and you don’t. I feel I have been close to greatness many times and here are just a few of them.

Their Motto “The Need Is Real; The Time is Now.”

Banner/Red Cross

When we had nowhere to go during the 500-year flood caused by Hurricane Agnes the American Red Cross was there to take care of us. I’ll explain some of the things we went through during the disaster. Here’s my story in thanks for their service.

That’s Not What It Started Out To Be, Is It?

Haloid Xerox

Did you ever notice that often what was planned to be somehow changes to something completely different? I’ll show you some examples that you might not have considered.

If You Don’t Like The Weather… Move!

Siuslaw River At Mapleton

Heavy rains have caused some rivers to overflow their banks. I’ll let you know what happened. I’ll also tell you what I recommend to folks who don’t like the weather where they live.

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