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Who Came Up With That “Cool Idea?”

Air Conditioners | Image by empireplumbingac.com

Hot weather makes us really appreciate air conditioning, but how and when did the idea of cooling the air take shape? I have the answer.

We’re Having A Heat Wave. What To Do?

Dogs In Car

With the thermometer hovering around 90 degrees F it’s a good idea to learn more about the problems that hot weather can cause and how to avoid them. I have some basic rules for you to survive hot weather.

A Perfect Day In Every Way

Enjoying Cool Water At Dexter Lake

This year’s Independence Day celebration at Dexter Lake was a great success. I’ll show you some highlights of a perfect day.

A Big Badda-Boom!

Fireworks At Dexter Lake July 4th 2013 | Photo by Tim Chuey

We look forward to celebrating our country’s Independence Day, but the fireworks, especially the illegal kind, cause serious problems for our pets. I’ll give you some tips on how to help your little friends survive the noise.

Will We Have To Use The “D” Word This Summer?

Drought Road Sign | Photo ktla.com

We haven’t had much rain lately, but does that mean we are in a drought? What is a drought anyway? I’ll explain and show you how it is determined.

It’s Easier Being Green Than Blue-green.

Algae Bloom Advisory

It’s slowly becoming the outdoor swimming, boating, and picnicking season. There is a danger out there and you should be aware of it. I’ll tell you about blue-green algae and why you need to stay away from it.

It’s Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime, But Not Quite Yet.

Summer Solstice Saturday June 221, 2014

Summer is almost here. It officially begins with the Summer Solstice on June 21. What’s it all about? I will explain. And what about Stonehenge’s monument. New information.

Am I Still Less of a “Pain” Than I used To Be?

Spinal Injection, not mine | Photo by londonspine.com

I’ll give you an update on the progress of my pain control after having a bit of a setback. Getting old isn’t for wimps.

But They Don’t Come Here, Or Do They?

Satellite View Of A Hurricane | Image by picasaweb.google. com

Hurricanes are one of natures most destructive forces. How they form and the paths they take indicate they stay away from the Pacific Northwest. I’ll show you why that sems to be true.

Kites Need It And So Do Sail boats.

Trees Blowing In The Wind | Photo by hiddencause.wordpress.com

We feel the wind cooling us on a hot day, making it feel colder in the winter, and the wind makes wildfires grow bigger. How is the wind produced? I’ll explain.

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