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Tim Chuey’s Weather or Not

We’re Not Really Supposed To See “It.”

Sun Through Smoke Over South Eugene | Photo by Tim Chuey

We are not supposed to be able to see the air we breathe, but we could not only see it but we could smell and even taste it. That was due to local fires and wildfires in our area. I’ll explain where we get the index, who provides it, and what it means.

El Nino is Growing Stronger. What Does It Mean For Us?

El Nino Jet Stream Pattern | Image by www.washingtonpost.com

We’ve all heard of El Nino, but did you know it is getting stronger? I’ll explain what that means to us and the kind of weather we might expect for this upcoming winter.

Exactly What Is It And What’s Needed To Defeat It?

Stouts Creek Fire

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the wildfires burning in the state of Oregon, but haven’t really discussed what a wildfire is and what it takes to fight one. I’ll explain.

The Temperature Improved, But Not The Fire Danger.

Stouts Creek Fire | Photo by inciweb.nwcg.cog

Has there been any improvement in the status of the wildfire situation in the state of Oregon? I’ll explain how many fires and how bad they are.

Am I Making Too Big Of A Deal Over The Dangers Of Hot Weather?

Kids And Cars | Image by kidsandcars.org via www.triton.com

We just spent a week trying to keep cool during record-breaking temperatures that surpassed 100 degrees. Did those of us in the media overemphasize the dangers involved? I’ll explain.

Junk Can Be A Life-Threatening Problem.

NASA Image OF Actual Space Debris Being Tracked | Image through castastrophemap.org

Debris on the highway can be dangerous, but at least you can pull off the road if your car is damaged. If you are in a spacecraft 250 miles above the earth debris can be catastrophic. I’ll explain.

What If We’re Looking At It Incorrectly?

Solar Activity August 1991-September 2001 | Image by www.washingtonpost.com

A new theory has been presented that flies in the face of the climate change theory. I’ll explain the theory and those who oppose it. You be the judge.

The Heat May Be Gone For Now, But Not The Fires.

Corner Creek Fire | Photo by Oregon Forestry Department wildfiretoday.com

Just because the temperatures have cooled way down we can’t assume the fire danger is lessened. I’ll explain.

The temperature was hot and so were the bands.

Dancing To The Music Of the Procrastinators | Photo by Tim Chuey

I just couldn’t resist showing you what a great time was had for the 4th of July at Dexter Lake State Park at the annual event sponsored by Eugene Daily News and the Dexter Volunteer Fire Department.

They Have Added More Into The Mix

Buckskin Wildfire

Hot, dry weather increased the number of counties in Oregon that are under a drought declaration. I’ll show you just how bad the situation is and explain the consequences.

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