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Tim Chuey’s Weather or Not

They Have Added More Into The Mix

Buckskin Wildfire

Hot, dry weather increased the number of counties in Oregon that are under a drought declaration. I’ll show you just how bad the situation is and explain the consequences.

Things Seemed So Much Simpler And Innocent Back Then.

The Howdy Doody SHow

When I was little I could turn on our black and white television set and watch what today would be called kid friendly programs. Today parents have a much tougher job making sure their kids only watch programs appropriate for children. I’ll take you back to those “good old days.”

Hot Air Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Warm Water.

Kayak Tipped Over

Our area rivers, streams and lakes are great playgrounds particularly during the summer months, but they can be very dangerous. One of those dangers is hypothermia which can harm you and even kill you. I’ll explain what you should do to prevent this from happening to you or one of your loved ones.

They Have Been Getting Harder To Find These Days

Aurora King Estate

Auroras are one of natures most beautiful displays in the night sky. They haven’t been around much lately. Why? I’ll tell you. Also some tips on how you can take pictures of auroras.

Now They Are Using The “D” Word.

Drought Road Sign | Photo ktla.com

The governor has issued the drought declaration for Lane County among others. I’ll explain what that means.

Some Anniversaries Aren’t To Be Cheerfully Celebrated.

Ash Cloud May 18, 1980

May 18, 1980 will be remembered by everyone who lived in the Pacific Northwest at the time. I’ll give you a look at my personal experience that day.

They Don’t Always Obey The Rules.

Satellite View Tropical Storm Ana 5/9/15 | NOAA Image by www.mashable.com

There are many rules in the world and for just about all of them there are exceptions. As in nature when man draws a line or sets a timetable nature doesn’t always follow the rules. In my example I’ll discuss Tropical Storm Ana which decided to arrive nearly a month before the official storm season begins.

“When It Rains It Pours.®”

Morton Salt Poster

With so many places on earth, including nearby California, experiencing serious drought conditions the lack of fresh drinking water is becoming more serious. A process known as desalination removes the salt from sea water, but it is a very expensive process. I’ll explain.

Shouldn’t We Sing “Happy Birthday?”

Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope is celebrating it’s 25th birthday. I’ll show you the project from it’s beginnings until now.

Why Should We Care?

Hurricane Satellite View

The renowned Professor William Gray has been known worldwide for his annual predictions regarding the number and strength of the tropical storms and hurricanes that could form in the upcoming Atlantic-Caribbean season. Why should we care about that” I’ll explain.

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