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Tim Chuey’s Weather or Not

Tic-Tac-Toe In The Sky Or Something More Sinister?

"Chemtrails In The Sky" | Photo by cosmicconvergence.org

Are they jet contrails or “chemtrails?” I’ll define and discuss them. You decide what you want to believe.

I Had To Decide “Weather OR Not” For My Future.

Me On TV

I was asked: When did I get interested in weather and what is it that draws me to it? I’ll give you the low down on how my journey around the country forecasting the weather got started.

It Takes More Than Just Flipping A Coin.

NOAA IBM Super Computer Banks | Image by www.noaanews.noaa.gov

We’ve come a long way from just observing the weather to being able to forecast it with a degree of accuracy. I’ll explain the development that has given us a better handle on predicting the weather for more than just one day or so into the future.

Oregon Was The First State To Make It A Holiday.

Labor Day Banner | Image by hmhinthenews.com

The celebration of Labor Day began a long time ago. Find out when it started, who started it, and what it means today. I’ll explain.

We Have It, But It’s Not As Bad As Elsewhere.


We are experiencing drought conditions in Oregon. Where is it the driest and most vulnerable? What is the outlook through October. I’ll explain.

Can The Weather Really Be A “Pain In The Back?”

Back Pain | Photo by www.cafechiropractorwalnutcreek.com

Is there a relationship between the weather and your aches and pains? The study of this relationship is called biometeorology. I’ll explain what the medical research has found.

What’s That “Stuff” In The Sky?


The recent hazy days were the result of wildfires to our south. Find out more and what you can do to help protect your property.

A Shooting Stars Bonanza.

Perseid Meteor Shower

It’s that time of the year when Mother Nature shows off with a dazzling display of “shooting stars.” What’s it all about and how can you see them? I’ll explain and show you what you might see.

“Water, Water, Every Where, Nor Any Drop To Drink.”

Water Main Break

Do you know how much you depend on having potable (drinkable) water coming out of your faucet whenever you want it? I’ll show you what happens when you are under a “Boil Water Notice.”

Who Came Up With That “Cool Idea?”

Air Conditioners | Image by empireplumbingac.com

Hot weather makes us really appreciate air conditioning, but how and when did the idea of cooling the air take shape? I have the answer.

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