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Film Fanatic: A Fresh Bond Villain, ‘Captain America,’ and Will Ferrell News

Captain America - craveonline.com

Chiwetel Ejiofor is the leading candidate to be the next Bond villain, ‘Captain America 2′ already a giant success and Will Ferrell in another sports movie.

Film Fanatic: Ridley Scott to Direct ‘Prometheus 2,’ Paul Walker and Mel Gibson News

Ridley Scott - dailygalaxy.com

The latest Film Fanatic looks at Ridley Scott making a decision on ‘Prometheus,’ Paul Walker’s scenes in ‘Fast 7,’ and Mel Gibson’s possible return.

Film Fanatic: David Fincher Wants Christian Bale To Play Steve Jobs, ‘Noah’ Controversy

Steve Jobs Movie - blogs.indiewire.com

The latest Film Fanatic looks at David Fincher’s insistence on casting Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs, ‘Noah’ controversy and casting news for a comedy.

Film Fanatic: Batman Vs. Superman Vs. Captain America, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ Rust Cohle Quotes

Superheros - movies.uk.msn.com

The latest Film Fanatic highlights Batman and Superman battling Captain America in 2016 as well as ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ aspect ratio and more.

Film Fanatic: John McTiernan Released From Jail, Denzel Washington Movie Getting Buzz

Denzel Washington - blogs.indiewire.com

The latest Film Fanatic looks at John McTiernan’s release from jail, the positive buzz on Denzel Washington’s new film and Robert Zemeckis’ new film.

Film Fanatic: ‘Anchorman 2,’ Alfonso Cuaron, ‘Fantastic Four,’ Matthew McConaughey

Anchorman 2 - laughspin.com

The latest Film Fanatic looks at ‘Anchorman 2′ coming back to theaters with a whole new cut, other actors consider for ‘Gravity,’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ news.

Film Fanatic: Alternative Romantic Comedies

Eternal Sunshine - Focus Features

The latest Film Fanatic recommends 5 “different” romantic comedies to watch this weekend.

Film Fanatic

The Monuments Men - Collider

The latest Film Fanatic discusses ‘The Monuments Men’ debuting with a whimper, the ‘Uncharted’ movie finally happening and Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio working together again.

Film Fanatic

M. Night and Bruce Willis-IGN

In the newest Film Fanatic, M. Night Shyamalan and Bruce Willis may work together again, Paramount backtracking on their digital mandate and theater owners wanting shorter trailers.

Film Fanatic: Tarantino Shelves Project, Universal Drops Movie, Michael Caine Impressions

Quentin-Tarantino -screencrave.com

The latest Film Fanatic looks at Quentin Tarantino canceling his next movie, another director’s movie dropped by Universal and actor Impressions.

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