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Film Fanatic: ‘The Interview’ Coming to Netflix, Simon Pegg Writing ‘Star Trek 3′

The Interview-NYPost

Film Fanatic: ‘The Interview’ coming to Netflix, Simon Pegg writing ‘Star Trek 3′ and real plane crash footage removed from ‘Project Almanac.’

Film Fanatic: 2015 Oscar Nominations Reaction

Selma - variety.com

The latest Film Fanatic reacts to some of the surprises to come out of the announcement of the Oscar nominations.

Film Fanatic: ‘Star Wars’ Casting News, ‘Rambo 5,’ Michael Keaton’s Next Role

The Raid 2 - ign.com

Film Fanatic: Star Wars adds three Raid actors to the cast, Rambo 5 news and Michael Keaton goes to Skull Island.

Film Fanatic: 10 Favorite Films of 2014

Chef - Universal Pictures

In the latest Film Fanatic, Ryan Beltram counts down his 10 favorite films of 2014.

Film Fanatic: ‘The Interview’ Canceled, ‘Star Trek 3′ News, Mark Wahlberg News

The Interview-variety.com

Film Fanatic: ‘The Interview’ canceled by Sony after threats, ‘Star Trek 3′ directing candidates and Mark Wahlberg possibly returning for ‘Transformers 5.’

Film Fanatic: Sony and Marvel Discussed Sharing Spider-Man, McDonald’s Movie

Spider-Man Marvel-comicbookmovie.com

Film Fanatic: Sony and Marvel discussed sharing Spider-Man, a McDonald’s movie in development and J.C. Chandor talks about directing oil rig disaster movie.

Film Fanatic: ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast, ‘Source Code 2′ News, THR Roundtable Series

Suicide Squad-superherohype.com

Film Fanatic: Suicide Squad cast has been announced, ‘Source Code 2′ greenlit and the latest THR Roundtable Discussion featuring actresses.

Film Fanatic: Mel Gibson Directing, ‘G.I. Joe 3′ News, ‘Fantastic Mr. Foxcatcher’

Mel Gibson-bellazon.com

Film Fanatic: Mel Gibson directing, G.I. Joe 3 news, Fantastic Mr. Foxcatcher Trailer.

Film Fanatic: Quentin Tarantino Retiring, James Franco and Seth Rogen Naked and Afraid, ‘Fast & Furious’ News

James Franco and Seth Rogen-inquisitr.com

Film Fanatic: Quentin Tarantino to retire after ten films, James Franco and Seth Rogen naked and afraid and ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise moves forward.

Film Fanatic: Box Office Projections, ‘Toy Story 4,’ THR Roundtable Discussion

Toy Story-sourcefed.com

Film Fanatic: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′ box office predictions, ‘Toy Story 4′ announced, The Hollywood Reporter’s roundtable discussion featuring writers.

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