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Lana O’Briens Hopped Up – What’s happening this week in our Beer Community.

Hopped Up Eugene

Fresh hops ready to be brewed last fall.

In this Hopped Up Eugene: Eric Buist tells stories. Stories about beer. Here is one he told recently about Brewers Union, #4 in his series called HOPSTORIES.

Hopped Up Eugene – The Oregon Brewers Festival

OBF 2013 4

Oregon Brewers Festival caps off Oregon Beer Month July 23-27 in Portland.

Hopped Up Eugene!


In this weeks Hopped Up Eugene: when forced to pick between two similar beers to pair with dinner, drink them both. You might be surprised at the outcome.

Hopped Up Eugene


In this Hopped Up Eugene: Breakfast Beer of Champions, the sure fired remedy for what ails you.

Hopped Up Eugene


The Snakebite and Black. A drink surrounded with rumor and urban myth, that some pubs in England apparently refuse to serve. Does it have the affect people say? Find out here.

Traveling Beer Festival Aims To Be The Largest Craft Beer Celebration In History


Beer Camp Across America is a traveling beer festival/celebration for the entire craft beer community, bringing together brewers and the fans who have buoyed their success.

Hopped Up Eugene


Memorial Day is here. A time for remembrance, smoked meatloaf sandwiches and Gilgamesh Brewing’s Mamba black tea and tangerine beer.

Hopped Up Eugene


When looking for beer to go with our Pho soup last month, I grabbed what I thought was 10 Barrel S1nist0r Black, a surprisingly light bodied dark beer which would pair well with the brothy soup. I could not have been more wrong. What I ended up with was 10 Barrel’s Project: Failed Red Ale.

Hopped Up Eugene


Oregon is ripe with so many amazing breweries that I have a hard time drinking the same thing over and over again – rarely do I drink the same beer twice. Fire Mountain Brew House is the exception to this rule.

Hopped Up Eugene


Perfect for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo, the Portland Brewing Rose Hip Gold Belgian-Style Ale is a complimentary pairing with the mild peppers and tangy salsa used in this dish: Stuffed Pasilla Peppers and Nachos with Tomatillo Salsa.

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