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Upgrading to an iPhone 6 – More Phone, More Money

iphone 6

Upgrading to the latest version of Apple’s iPhone will cost consumers more on their monthly bill than they’ve been led to believe by wireless carriers.

A Unique Look At The Life of Robin Williams


Robin Williams tragic death has inspired everything from crass memes, to sobbing heartfelt songs, to political and agenda based co-opting of the tragedy. Today we received a unique introspective piece into Robin Williams life. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Buffalo Isn’t Only Known For Snow and Its Wings.

Zonta International Logo

Have you ever heard of Zonta? If you have I’ll bet you don’t know all of the things they do. If you have heard of them I have more details I’m sure you don’t know about. I’ll give you the low-down.

Jeffrey Martin: Naked and Not So Alone

Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin is a singer/songwriter whose songs capture moments in time that strike the emotional chords within all of us, causing a lump in the throat, and eyes to tear; the unadulterated raw emotional intimacy that each of us, as human beings experience, but to whom few can articulate, let alone capture in a song.

Photo Essay: And The Rockets Red Glare

The Procrastinators | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

The last segment of the 4th of July party out at Dexter Lake State Park brought us one more band, my favorite rendition of the Gettysburg address, and what is now my favorite rendering of the National Anthem

Photo Essay: Whose Broad Stripes And Bright Stars

The Axis Salvation team joined the vendors as the only band that setup a merch table.

Part Two of our fabulous 4th photo essay brings Billie-Jo Millers view through the lens at Axis Salvation, Steel Wool and Dragstrip Superstar.

Photo Essay: Oh Say Can You See

Red 5 Hotdogs brought their tubular goodness out to Dexter again this year!

The Dexter Volunteer Firefighters 4th of July Bash had an estimated 4500+ people in attendance this year.  Not bad for a little State park out on past the edge of town.

The Spirited Side of Rogue Nation

Rogue's Spirit Line Up | Photo by Terry McKay

If you’ve been around the Oregon beer circuit you’ve likely tasted Rogue Ales, and while the 25 year history of Rogue brewing still overshadows it’s much younger sibling, the now 10 year old distillery, things are changing and little sister is growing up fast.

Who Are The Soroptimists And What Are They Doing?

Soroptimists Together Against Trafficking | Image by www.silamesa.org

In this 7th part of my series on service club organizations I’ll show you the Soroptimists. How did they get started and what are they doing? I will explain.

Oregon Garden Brewfest 2014

beer fest

At the Oregon Garden Brewfest 2014, I went to my first Brewer’s Dinner and loved it. This dinner made me want to be a foodie.

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