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Oregon Chardonnay Symposium: A Clonal Adventure


The Oregon Chardonnay Symposium is an annual event that celebrates the beauty that is the Chardonnay grape. A technical tasting and grand tasting combine to create an amazing experience. Cheers!

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You


How many businesses do we collectively know that show up earlier than they promise, do the work, for the price and even answer their phone 24/7…personally? I can think of exactly 1.

The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports


On the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs, three-year-old thoroughbreds from around the world gather in Kentucky to test their breeding, training and most importantly speed in what is called “the greatest two minutes in Sports.”

The Future of Interactive Toys: Anki Drive


Did you play with Slot Cars or Hot Wheels as a kid? That kid is still in there and he’s going to want one of these…

This Moose Isn’t Named Bullwinkle.

Loyal Order Of Moose | image by Moose International

In the tenth installment of my series on service club organizations I’ll show you the Loyal Order Of Moose and let you see the work which they do that most of us never knew about.

Growing up Italian: The real Italian job


There is a lagoon famous all over the world that attracts millions of tourists every year. There is a city built on sand that inspired movies, books and intriguing love affairs. There is a port that made history worldwide. There are buildings that endured centuries, wars and domination. There is a unique culinary experience that accompanies it all.

Growing up Italian: It’s all Greek to me, today :)


When one lives in Italy, the neighboring countries are just that. Places that seem so far away from Oregon, were just “around the corner” from me, while growing up. Many European capitals are reachable in less than 3 hours, with a quick flight from Rome.

The Ducks Claim Insurer Stiffed them Over Bonuses


The University of Oregon claims its insurance broker sold them a policy to cover coaches’ bonuses for the 2012-2013 season, only to have the claim denied when the Ducks went on to rank #5 in the nation.

A Very Merry Gnocchi Party!


On the last day of the year, I leave you with both a recipe and video for gnocchi and party making, in the hopes that you will be encouraged to spend time with those you care about, by sharing some food with them. From our group of food lovers to yours, Happy New Year!

Frugal Wine Gal: Bubbling in the New Year


New years eve is the perfect occasion to pop open a delicious bottle of sparkling wine. No need to stray too far from home either, we have many fantastic options that are made right here in Oregon and Washington. Cheers!

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