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April 23 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines

Gilham Road Fire

Tim Chuey: Look for significant amounts of rain over the next 24 hours. High Today: 55, Low Tonight: 48, High Tomorrow: 58, Precipitation: 90%. Gilham Rd house fire, Gay Marriage rally, White Bird robbery, death ruled suicide, Duck Softball wins another



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Down in the Dirt at J Wrigley Vineyards

Image by Tasting Pour

Take a vineyard tour with John Wrigley and discover the secrets in the soils that contribute to his excellent wines.

Video Games That Started as Table Games


Astounding new games owe many of their most innovative concepts to games you probably never heard of. Check out our look at Video Games that Started as Table Games.

Oregon Ducks Spring Practice: Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost Talks Preparation

Oregon Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost. KPNW Sports

The Oregon Ducks Football team is in preparation mode for the 2014 season. Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost talks about their progress this Spring.

April 22 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines


Tim Chuey: Look for clouds and showers as our part of the earth gets wet for Earth Day. High Today: 54, Low Tonight: 43, High Tomorrow: 54, Precipitation: 70%, no more jail for Illegals, Fed Judge appointed for high profile case, Bank robbery, beach fatality, EWEB gives away money, Roesler National Athlete of the week…



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Nothing Can Stop This 118 Year-Old Tradition

Women Runners At The Boston Marathon | Photo by www.npr.org

The Boston Marathon is the most famous one ever held next in line, of course, to the very first historical “Marathon” story we have all heard. I’ll let you in on the role the weather has played in this annual event.

April 21 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines

Fair Weather Cumulus Clouds Over Lane Community College | Photo by Tim Chuey

Tim Chuey: It looks like for the week we will be stuck in a wet weather pattern. High Today: 65, Low Tonight: 44, High Tomorrow: 56, Precipitation: 20%. gunshot victim identified, Fletchers closing, Beck gets 100th win…



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