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Behind The Scenes: Pushing the Edge


This weeks Rick Dancer TV show is one of my favorites to date. It’s not as fast-paced as some and in the big bad world of television it may not keep the attention of every viewer but we’re not after every viewer we want people looking for change.

April 18 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines

Ready for Friday after a little wine review with our own Wine Julia yesterday.

Tim Chuey: Sunshine today, rain Saturday, then it’s back to sunshine for Easter Sunday. High Today: 64, Low Tonight: 40, High Tomorrow: 60, Precipitation: 10%. Hospital strike, Albertsons robbed, 400k donation for homeless camp, Ducks beat Wash State, Track highlights

Oregon Ducks Baseball Wins Seventh Straight vs Washington State, 11-1

Oregon and Washington State at PK Park, April 17th 2014//KPNWSports

The Oregon Ducks Baseball team wasted no time in getting back to winning ways in Pac-12 Conference play over Washington State on Thursday Night at PK Park. Tommy Thorpe threw seven innings of two hit ball for Oregon.



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April 17 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines

Throwback Thursday

Tim Chuey: Look for a chance of showers today and Saturday, dry Friday and for Easter Sunday. High Today: 59, Low Tonight: 44, High Tomorrow: 63, Precipitation: 90%. SUV vs Craft Store, Country Fair Tickets on sale, recyclemania, drunken intruder stabbed, PK Park awarded, Nike partners with USA Track and Field



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Eugene on the Rocks: Taking a Step Back in Time with Ransom Old Tom Gin

Ransom Old tom gin

Towards the end of the 19th century, Old Tom Gin was an essential part of any barman’s lineup. Notable for its sweetness, viscosity, and less intense flavor profile than London Dry style gins. Unfortunately, time passes, tastes change, and as with many other traditions, Old Tom Gin was lost…until very recently.

Hopped Up Eugene


Bacon, Lemon and Tomato Pasta with Pelican Pub & Brewery Tsunami Stout: there’s nothing subtle about this pairing, it is an all out flavor war in your mouth, and I like it that way.

Oregon Ducks Football Players Can Now Eat Anytime, NCAA Tweaks Their Approach to Student Wellness for 2014


The NCAA Legislative Council amended some rules on Wednesday focusing on Student Athlete Wellness including practice time, a better dining experience and more snacks between meals.

April 16 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines


Tim Chuey: You’ve seen it before. Start with a warm front then follow it up with a cold front. High Today: 60, Low Tonight: 48, High Tomorrow: 57, Precipitation: 70%. tax protest, LCC budget problems, job report, Ducks softball unanimously #1 ranked

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