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VIEWPOINT: Closing The Clean Water Act Loopholes


On the 42nd anniversary of the Clean Water Act, a new report from Environment Oregon, “Waterways Restored,” highlights the success the law has brought to the Willamette River, taking it from a river overwhelmed by sewage, to one that Oregonians can once again enjoy for swimming.

The Frugal Wino: Evolution Red


From the very start of my wine journey – I’ve always loved red wines. Especially red blends. In addition to growing excellent pinot noir, Oregon can impress with it’s large bodied reds. There are many big red varietals (i.e. cabernet sauvignon, tempranillo, or merlot) that are grown in Southern Oregon because of the warmer climate. However, today’s selection is from a little further north.

High Scoring Bears Await the Ducks This Friday


As with Arizona, the Bears are a scary group to face because of their never say die attitude and ability to strike from any part of the field. Logic dictates that the Ducks should romp to victory, but as the game against the Wildcats evidenced, Oregon can be beat if they don’t jump on such offenses early.

Growing up Italian: How I Met My Brother From a Different Mother (Gemellino)


In Italy we have a popular saying: You can’t pick your family members, but you can choose your friends. How exciting! I got to have a twin, who is not my brother, but who’s the bestest of friends. If you find this confusing, you are not the  only one. Here’s how it all happened.

October 23 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines

Rain On A Eugene Street | Photo by Tim Chuey

Tim Chuey: Another wet day today. High Today: 62, Low Tonight: 50, High Tomorrow: 62, Precipitation: 90%. Storm woes, some heroics, an award and a really messy wreck.

Oregon Ducks Take Back on Track Offense on the Road to Face Cal Friday Night


The game will again come down to who wins it in the trenches on the field. The push off the line will be key and again, will be one of the things I will be watching. I fully expect Oregon to take control early and get off to a fast start, similar to what they did against Washington and UCLA the last two weeks.

October 22 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines

Double Rainbow | Photo by Suzanne Chuey

Tim Chuey: Look for some heavy rain and stiff breezes for your Wednesday. High Today: 63, Low Tonight: 55, High Tomorrow: 62, Precipitation: 90%. Maybe a new Governor? Lane County approves Pot Sales Tax

To Smoke, Or Not To Smoke, That Is The Question.


Winter is fast approaching and that means the Home Wood Heating Advisory will return. What is it, what does it mean, and why do we need it? I’ll answer all of these questions for you.

Oregon Ducks Moves Back into the Discussion With Win over Washington Huskies


Following the game, the storyline was Freeman. The freshman is playing, well, not freshman-like. He is responsible for eleven touchdowns this season for Oregon and is second on the team next to Marcus Mariota with nineteen. The Oregon Quarterback has also not thrown an interception this season for Oregon. With the win the Ducks moved up in the polls.

October 20 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines

Do you capture your rainwater?  Now is the time.

Tim Chuey: The rainy weather has returned and will stick around for a while. High Today: 62, Low Tonight: 50, High Tomorrow: 64, Precipitation: 90%. Marijuana Halloween candy, Florence fire, Sick Leave Ordinance

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