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There aren’t many people who can say they work at the upper echelons of politics.

The River Is Deep And The River Is Wide, Or Is It?

Ferry Street Bridge Over The Willamette River | Photo by www.flikr.com

Our recent drought has brought the river levels down to levels that cause problems for the fish in the water…

Film Fanatic: ‘John Wick 2’ to Shoot This Fall, ‘Furious 8’ Needs a Director

Vin Diesel and James Wan-Collider

Film Fanatic: ‘John Wick 2’ to Shoot This Fall, ‘Furious 8’ Needs a Director and Cameos Galore in ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot.

Growing Pains – Finding The Right Host


When you are looking for someplace to host your website, or web/cloud based business, location matters just as much as it does for real estate: Location, Location, Location!

A Free Cat House? You Bet!

Hunter In His New House | Photo by Tim Chuey

In searching for a house for my outdoor cat I couldn’t find one that would fit in the space available and that was inexpensive. I decided to build one myself or FREE! I’ll explain.

Oregon Soccer vs. Portland State

Photos - Dave Peaks

Oregon hosted Portland State in a soccer match on September 18.  Oregon was victorious after scoring a goal late in the match.  The weather was perfect and there was a decent crowd attending the game.  Both teams played hard and it was a defensive battle.  The Oregon goal keeper made a great play to prevent […]

Where Did The Week Go…

Ahmed Mohamed-WFAA TV

Where Did The Week Go: Ahmed Mohamed will not return to the school that had him arrested and Talia Lavin tricks Alex Trebek on ‘Jeopardy!’

Film Fanatic: Director Rupert Wyatt Drops Out of ‘Gambit’

Rupert Wyatt-comicvine.com

Film Fanatic: Director Rupert Wyatt Drops Out of ‘Gambit’ while Bryan Singer Boards ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.’

What’s In My Glass? Ste. Chapelle Chardonnay


Ste. Chapelle Wines have really knocked it out of the park. I love the Chateau series Chardonnay. Sip on this wine for the perfect accompaniment to any occasion!

Vital Statistics Can Change.

Denali From Outside The Park August 2007| Photo by Tim Chuey

President Obama just recently made it official that from now on the mountain called Mt. McKinley will be known as Denali. I’ll explain the controversy and what it all means.

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