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Sportsdesk: Oregon Ducks Must Be Road Warriors to Make NCAA Tournament

(Josh Holmberg/USA TODAY Sports)

The Oregon Ducks have once again rebooted their NCAA Tournament chances this season with a complete game win over UCLA on Saturday afternoon.

Viognier: What a Grape


Viognier is a grape that is full of lush, fruit flavors. Check one out for yourself, Cheers!

The Report Card Shows A “D-Minus.”

Measuring Snowpack In Colorado | Photo by co.water.usgs.gov

It’s time to take a closer look at the snowpack measurements for the Cascades in our area and see how they stack up to normal.

Where Did The Week Go…

Alex Nash-SWNS

Where Did The Week Go: 5-year-old Alex Nash gets bill for birthday no-show, the fake baby in ‘American Sniper,’ NFL lawsuit for $88 billion.

Photos – CFP Championship Game Part 2

Mariota sliding.Photo-Dave Peaks/EDN

I thought I was finished processing photos and had posted my final football post – well not quite. I have more Mariota photos to share with you. Marcus is thought of very highly in our household so I could never show too many photos of our QB.

Film Fanatic: ‘The Interview’ Coming to Netflix, Simon Pegg Writing ‘Star Trek 3′

The Interview-NYPost

Film Fanatic: ‘The Interview’ coming to Netflix, Simon Pegg writing ‘Star Trek 3′ and real plane crash footage removed from ‘Project Almanac.’

What’s in My Glass? Arch Terrace Syrah


The next time you stop by downtown Eugene, check out the First National Taphouse for some delicious wine on tap. The 2010 Arch Terrace Syrah is a great choice for a big red wine full of berry flavors. Cheers!

The Clear Benefits of Glass Corks


Are glass corks they the way of the future? There are many sealing options in addition to just the traditional corks used in the past. Glass corks may just be the way of the future. Cheers!

Growing Up Italian: The Travel Bug


Italians abroad are everywhere, seems like. Loud, stylish, insubordinate, rule-breakers-tourists.
Then, there are the travelers. Respectful, conscientious,curious and educated. I like to think I always belonged to the second category…

The Frugal Wine Gal: J.Scott Sauv Blanc


J.Scott Cellars is a local urban winery producing some amazing wines. The 2013 Sauvignon Blanc is a knockout – and perfect for our frugal budgets! Cheers!

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