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Growing Up Italian: I left my heart in Senigallia.


Home is where your heart is” or sometimes home is not where you are physically, but a place you carry IN your heart despite the distance. Just the thought of it, makes you smile and feel happy….or homesick, in my case. A big piece of my heart belongs to Cesano, Senigallia.

It Wasn’t A “Perfect Storm” But It Tried.

Tree Blown Down In Corvallis | The Corvallis Gazette-Times Amanda Cowan -kval.com

Last week we were hit by our first Winter windstorm. I’ll show you the ingredients it took to make this “Near-Perfect Storm.”

Oregon QB Earns New Title: Heisman Trophy Winner Marcus Mariota

De'Anthony Thomas

Mariota did not just win the Heisman, he pretty much won it by a landslide. He was named on over ninety percent of all ballots. He is not only the first to win the award from the University of Oregon, but also to win the award from the State of Hawaii

Where Did The Week Go…

Stephan Savoia

Where Did The Week Go: Centuries-old time capsule unearthed, ‘A Christmas Tale’ movie pick and a neighborhood light show in California.

Film Fanatic: Sony and Marvel Discussed Sharing Spider-Man, McDonald’s Movie

Spider-Man Marvel-comicbookmovie.com

Film Fanatic: Sony and Marvel discussed sharing Spider-Man, a McDonald’s movie in development and J.C. Chandor talks about directing oil rig disaster movie.

Growing up Italian: Southern comfort (food)


The holiday season is here. With that, fond memories of the many great times spent in Italy with my family. Decorating the tree: year after year, using the same ornaments and the same short, beaten-up artificial tree from which we couldn’t depart such we loved him so much.

The Frugal Wine Gal: Del Rio Vineyards


One of the most interesting parts of writing about Oregon wines is the sheer variety to choose from. I can drive an hour north and try some perfect Pinot noirs that represent the cool climate they were produced in. I also have the option to drive an hour south from Eugene and try some excellent […]

Sportsdesk: Mariota and Oregon Ducks in Perfect Position Moving Forward


Oregon finished the season ranked second in the College Football Playoff Top 25. The final ranking of the Top Four included Alabama at one, Oregon at two, Florida State at three and Ohio State from the Big Ten coming in fourth. Mark Helfrich and Company are in the perfect spot in the College Football Playoff.

Two Guys And A Bar, A Joke? No, Wrong kind Of Bar.

Umpqua River Bar

When discussing “the bar” different folks have their own idea of what the subject matter is. The bar I am talking about is at the mouth of a river. A pilot program makes getting bar condition reports easier for boaters on the Umpqua River. I’ll explain.

Pac 12 Championship Game – Pre-game Photos

Oregon band member.
Photo by Dave Peaks

I like to spend time on the field prior to the game. I usually find several players warming up and you see what they look like without helmets on. I usually see the same players out but this time Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner were out going through some drills.

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