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“Fill with mingled cream and amber, I will drain that glass again. Such hilarious visions clamber through the chambers of my brain. Quaintest thoughts — queerest fancies, come to life and fade away: what care I how time advances? I am drinking ale today.” - E. A. Poe

Lighten Up: Blonde Coffee Beers Emerging From the Shadows

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When coffee beer enthusiasts mention some of their favorite brews, names like Founders’ Breakfast Stout, AleSmith’s Speedway Stout, and Lagunitas’ Cappuccino Stout are often repeated. It’s as if when considering…

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Beer Review – Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company Southern Hops’pitality

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One blustery winter evening in South Jersey, I was looking for a beverage to temper the cold and compliment my grilled chicken (yes, I was outside during a snowstorm grilling chicken, because when Benita wants the chicken grilled, you grill the chicken. And, then, you put the lotion […]

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Beer Review – Kona Brewing Company Kanaha and Koko Brown Ales

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This past Tuesday (March 20, 2018 to be more precise) may have been the first day of Spring, but if you happen to live in the Northeastern United States, you would have never known it. Philadelphia and South Jersey experienced temperatures ranging from 28 to 35 degrees on […]

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Hop Take: Craft’s Next Big Trend Is Bright, Light, and Maybe Not for You

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Last month, Founders Brewing introduced Solid Gold, a “premium lager” described by the brewery as a risky and rebellious take on a classic lager. Also in February, Firestone Walker announced the launch of its simply named, simple-drinker: Firestone Lager. It came with more fanfare than a triple-dry-hopped triple IPA. This lager got its own website, Instagram […]

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Beers, Barges, and Bridges: An Afternoon on the BrewBarge PDX

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Looking for a fun river adventure in Portland, Oregon? Book a trip on the BrewBarge PDX, where adventure means beers, barges, and bridges! Portland, Oregon is one of the craft beer capitals of the world and it’s also an outdoor enthusiast’s…

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Lagunitas Launches Beer With Cannabis Extracts

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MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marijuana Politics Staff

Cannabis and alcohol have an interesting relationship in American society. Both of the substances have been prohibited by the federal government, but alcohol was able to break free of that disastrous policy after a few year after prohibition helped lead to the rise of gangsters like Al Capone. Marijuana prohibition […]

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Adventures in Homebrew: Rye IPA & Dark, Hoppy Rye Ale

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Adventures in Homebrew: Rye IPA & Dark, Hoppy Rye Ale I have been swamped at work lately and, as a result, the ol’ blog has been feeling a might neglected. You’ll…

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Adventures in Homebrew: Belgian Bitter

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De Ranke XX Bitter

Adventures in Homebrew: Belgian Bitter by [email protected] Somehow, amid the indulgences of Eugene Beer Week, I managed to squeeze a homebrew session into the first week of May. After…

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Eugene Beer Week Wrap Up

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Eugene Beer Week Wrap Up – from [email protected] Now that my brain and liver have both had a few days to recover, I thought I…

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Craft Beer Drinkers, Meet Your New Top 50

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Oregon fields 5 “craft” breweries in the current top 50. Congratulations to Ninkasi for making the list.

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