Worthington wildfire The Oregon Wildfire Season Is Heating Up. The Oregon wildfire season is heating up. Where are the current large wildfires and what does it take to fight them? I'll explain. Picnic By The Lake Oh No, More Advisories? Just what we need, more advisories. It is that season again when we may be told to stay out of the water. More rules to follow. I will explain. Hand Washing Do It Often, With What? Rules, rules, rules. In today's world there are so many rules. One COVID-19 rule is very easy to follow. Without this product we couldn't do it. I'll explain. Klondike Wildfire On Your Mark, Get Set And Go, But Not Quite Yet. The summer season continues and so far the wildfire season has not reared it's ugly head in Oregon. Are you prepared? I'll explain. Advanced Treadmill Walk, Don't Run. With COVID-19 restrictions, including wearing a face covering and self-distancing, exercising in public might not be for you. I know it is not for me. There is a solution for that which goes way...

Weather Or Not


“Stupid Is As Stupid Does.”

Its actually amazing how stupid and thoughtless some people can be when threatened by the unknown. Of course the COVID-19 pandemic is


Our One-And-Only Moon?

There have been many songs written referring to the Moon and Earth has only one. Well, that's not exactly accurate now. A

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