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Film Fanatic: Steven Soderbergh Ending Retirement, George Miller Talks ‘Justice League’

Contagion - Director Steven Soderbergh

Film Fanatic: Steven Soderbergh Possibly Ending Retirement and George Miller Talks About What Happened to His Failed ‘Justice League’ Movie.

Groundhog Day Report

Spencer Butte Bob, The South Hills Groundhog | Photo by Tim Chuey

Here is my collection of groundhog forecasts for Groundhog Day 2016.

A Toast To Your Health. What?

Bride And Groom Toasting

We’ve all attended weddings where there were a multitude of “toasts” for the bride and groom. Where did toasting come from, what is toast, and who invented the electric toaster? I’ll answer these questions and show you the evolution of toast.

Where Did The Week Go…

Dave Bulley (left) and the RNLI's David Payne with the sex doll which the emergency service were went out to rescue. See SWNS story SWDOLL: A person struggling in the water off the Cornish coast turned out to be a clothed inflatable doll after a search by the RNLI. Newquay RNLI lifeboat volunteers, Newquay coastguard rescue team and the coastguard rescue helicopter all responded just before 6.45pm on Monday after a rock-angler rang 999 reporting a person in the water near the Huer‰Ûªs Hut. Both RNLI inshore lifeboats were launched and after searching in the darkness for more than 90-minutes, the object was found in the water by the coastguard rescue helicopter and recovered from the middle of Newquay Bay by the RNLI volunteers.

Where Did The Week Go: Search and rescue mistake sex doll for dead body, San Francisco debuts open-air urinal and bunny trapped on roof saved by firefighters.

A WWII Era Invention We Take For Granted Today.

Cup In Microwave

I use one every day and take it for granted, but where did the microwave oven come from? I’ll introduce you to its inventor and explain from where the idea came.

Where Did The Week Go…

GoFundMe Page-GoFundMe

Where Did The Week Go: Lotto Loser Creates ‘Powerball Reimbursement Fund’ On GoFundMe, Historians Uncover 50-year-old Anti-Porn Movie and Woman Asks Fire Crew to Cut Her Free From Chastity Belt.

Film Fanatic: ‘Avatar 2’ Removed From Release Date, Johnny Depp Returns to Crime

James Cameron - thereviewcrew.com

Film Fanatic: ‘Avatar 2’ Removed From Release Date, Christopher McQuarrie brought in to “Save” Rogue One Script, Johnny Depp Returning to Crime.

Which Makes Us Happier Warm Weather Or Cold Weather?

Uncomfortably Hot

What kind of weather, warm or cold, makes us happier? A researcher studied the question and I’ll give you his answer.

Film Fanatic: 2016 Oscar Nominations

The Revenant - indiewire.com

Film Fanatic: 2016 Oscar Nominations

A Year To Remember, Or A Year To Forget? You Decide.

Tornado Flipped Car

2015 was a year year of some serious weather extremes producing some new all-time records. I’ll show them to you month-by-month.

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