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Sandy Harris’ Out and About

Springfield Food Drive – Sponsored by the Growler Underground

November 5th is the day for Springfield to show it’s support for the local food pantries and kitchens that provide relief for the low income and under served.  Catholic Community Services, Salvation Army and Ebbert United Methodist will be the beneficiaries of the food drive.  Collection will start at 12 noon Saturday November 5th in […]

What’s up this Weekend?

Cliff and Kevin

The weekend Rocks!

Where, When, What’s Happening?


What’s up this Weekend?

BJ’s “Meet the Musicians”


Meeting our local musicians one at a time.

BJ’s Where, When and Whats Happening ?

Derek Z

Getting to know our local musicians.

BJ’s Where, When What: How Do They Do That?

Rocking twins

Can you say Passion and Determination?

BJ’s “Where When and Whats Happening!”

Animal on Drums

This weeks musician is another member of the local band Code Red: Lets meet Maynard Hull.

BJ’s 3 W’s

Greg Montgomery

Lets meet the musicians shall we?

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Shawn Alchemi Portland, Oregon Photo | Sandy Harris

What I found in my photographs is the beauty I found in others. The way I see beauty. In an elder; I see a young girl once spry and a teenager falling in love for the first time in her life.

Out and About: Wanna Race?

Middle Fork Bike Path

A sunday afternoon bike ride in Springfield proved to be a bit more than relaxing. Beat by a 7 year old, but I wasn’t about to let that get me down.

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