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Tim Chuey’s Weather or Not

And You Thought Football And Hockey are Dangerous.

Helmet To Helmet Contact

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the dangers of physical contact sports particularly the issue of concussions and brain damage. Violent dangerous sports are not a modern invention. I’ll tell you about one of the most, if not the most, life-threatening sports ever created.

It Has More Than One Meaning

Paper Shredder

Another invention that we take for granted is examined in detail. This has nothing to do with snow skiing, snowboarding, or water skiing, but it is about shredding. Paper shredding, that is. I’ll explain.

Will We Ever Really Be Able To Do It?

Time Travel

There have been many books and movies about time travel, but are real scientists really trying to make a device that will enable us to travel through time? I’ll explain.

Can A.I. Really Help Keep Firefighters Safe?

911 First Responders

Artificial Intelligence may be the key to keeping firefighters and all first responders safe and better able to do their job. AUDREY is what this advance in technology is called. I’ll explain.

Very Hot + Very Dry = Oregon Wildfires


It’s that time of the year when wildfires break out due to the excessively hot and dry weather conditions by natural causes or human started.. We’ll take a look at the latest information concerning the current fires in the state of Oregon.

Just When You Think You’ve Found “Waldo” He moved.

GPS Satellites

GPS is a great invention, but it has its limitations. Accuracy in plotting locations may be compromised by continental shift as with the movement of Australia. How does this impact our lives? I’ll explain.

How Old Is “OLD?”

How Old?

Just how old do you think you have to be to be classified as old? We all have personal feelings about the process of us getting old. I’ll explain some of my thoughts on the subject.

Boy, Does That Take Me Back To…

Musical Notes

Have you ever been listening to the radio or your own music selection when one song takes you back to a vivid memory from your past? We all seem to relate certain pieces of music with specific feelings and memories. I’ll take you on a journey through some of my strongest music triggered memories.

The Old Joke was “Take Two And Call Me In The Morning.”

Aspirin Pill | Image by huffington post.com

It has been around for thousands of years in one form or another. It was even used in an popular old joke. The topic is aspirin. Do you know where it came from and who developed it? I’ll explain.

You Know Generation-X, Now Meet Generation-R.

GOES-R Satellite

A new family of NOAA weather satellites will greatly increase what we know about what is going on weather wise on planet Earth. The first one will launch soon. I’ll explain.

Open Mics

  • 09/29/16 Open Mic in Eugene at Reality Kitchen
  • 09/29/16 Open Mic in Springfield, Oregon at The Growler Underground
  • 09/29/16 Open Jam in Eugene at Overtime Tavern

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