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Tim Chuey’s Weather or Not

Morning Has Broken And Boy It’s Cold Out There!

Wearable Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

With camping season under way keeping warm enough in your sleeping bag on cold nights can be quite a challenge. A quartet of entrepeneurs have produced some products that will guarantee you’ll stay toasty at night and even when you get up. I’ll explain.

Gesundheit! Bless You! It’s That Time Of The Year.


It’s that time of the year once again when “Bless you” and “Gesundheit’ echo throughout the Willamette Valley. Summer allergy season has begun. Find out what causes these allergies and what you can do to treat the runny nose, itchy eyes, etc.

The Rule Was And Still Is : At Least Three Times A Day.

Brushing Teeth

We use them every day, but where and when did the idea of brushing teeth come about? I’ll explain the history of the toothbrush from the Egyptians to the modern day electric toothbrush.

FEMA And NOAA’s NWA Spell It Out.

Preparedness Checklist

What kinds of hazards can befall us? Would you know what to do if a disaster were to occur? FEMA has a program that will educate and get you prepared. I’ll explain.

I’ll run… But Only If I Am Being Chased.

Staub's Treadmill

Running and jogging may be popular, but not for me. There are various reasons why the treadmill is my exercise choice. I’ll explain why, where an d by whom treadmills were invented.

This Anniversary Could Suggest Future “Natural” Cooling… Or Not.

Tambora Volcano

Did you know that volcanic eruptions can change the weather and possibly even our climate? A look at two particular volcanoes and seeing what is coming next. I’ll explain.

Most People Don’t Even Have A Car That Still Works After 15 Years.

Odyssey In Flight

Over 15 years ago the Odyssey spacecraft was launched on a journey to orbit the planet Mars. How successful was that mission and is it continuing after all these years? I have the answers to those questions and more.

“Everyone Complains About The Weather, but Nobody Does Anything About It.”

NOAA Cray Super Computer | Photo by Cray, Inc.

That quote has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin and even Mark Twain. Actually neither one of them originated it. Apparently a man named C.D. Warner, a friend and co-author with Twain, said it first and Mark Twain quoted him in a lecture. It seems people remembered what he said, but not that someone else said […]

A Genuine Outpouring Of Love

The Host Band "Hat Trick" | Photo by Will Snyder

At the beginning of March I published a story about Monte Muirhead and his battle with stage 4 cancer. His friends staged a benefit concert to help with his many expenses. Here’s a look at the concert and Monte’s loving friends.

“The Answer My Friend Is Blowin’ In The Wind.”


What is blowing is the wind itself. We’ll take a look at what the wind can do and some research that delves into the mysteries of how wind can become so dangerous.

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