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Tim Chuey’s Weather or Not

“O Beautiful For Spacious Skies,” Did You Look?

Cloud Shaped Like A Reclining Head (Left) | Photo by Tim Chuey

How often do you actually look up at the sky? I recently had contact with the man who spearheads a campaign to get everyone, especially youngsters in school to look up and appreciate the beauty and wonder of the sky above us. I’ll explain.

Groundhog Day Report

Spencer Butte Bob, The South Hills Groundhog | Photo by Tim Chuey

Here is my collection of groundhog forecasts for Groundhog Day 2016.

A Toast To Your Health. What?

Bride And Groom Toasting

We’ve all attended weddings where there were a multitude of “toasts” for the bride and groom. Where did toasting come from, what is toast, and who invented the electric toaster? I’ll answer these questions and show you the evolution of toast.

A WWII Era Invention We Take For Granted Today.

Cup In Microwave

I use one every day and take it for granted, but where did the microwave oven come from? I’ll introduce you to its inventor and explain from where the idea came.

Which Makes Us Happier Warm Weather Or Cold Weather?

Uncomfortably Hot

What kind of weather, warm or cold, makes us happier? A researcher studied the question and I’ll give you his answer.

A Year To Remember, Or A Year To Forget? You Decide.

Tornado Flipped Car

2015 was a year year of some serious weather extremes producing some new all-time records. I’ll show them to you month-by-month.

If It’s So “Common” Why Can’t We Cure It?

Common Cold Symptoms | Image by lloydhealthcare.org

It’s that time of the year and I have one. One what? A cold, of course. They call it the “common cold,” but when you have one it is anything but common. Is there a cure for the common cold? Here’s what my investigation shows.

“O Tannenbaum,” How Did It Become A Christmas Symbol?

Christmas Tree | Photo by girardatlarge.com

This time of the year we see many Christmas trees around town. When did the tradition start and who started it? I’ll give you the details.

It Sure Looks Like We Don’t Need It Right Now, But…

Cloud-seeding With Silver Iodide Close-Up | Photo by green diary.com

We have had a lot of rain this month, but all summer we were under a Drought Declaration.” Cloud-seeding could help produce the extra rainfall we need in the late winter and spring. Or could it? I’ll explain.

The Night Was Almost Silent.


The Christmas Hymn “Silent Night” has meant a lot to me over the years. I know many people feel the same way, but do you know how it started or the impact it has had over the years, particularly during wartime? I’ll explain.

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