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Spotlight: Barre3 EUGENE

Barre3 evolves the traditional dancer’s workout by integrating the grace of ballet barre work, the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates. This powerful combination creates a dancer’s body: long, lean and graceful lines of a dancer – with the core strength of an athlete.

A Little Advice

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in working with couples, I’ve treated a wide variety of relationship issues, yet all of them seem to have one thing in common: Often the way couples try to solve problems IS the problem.

A Recipe For Success

Have you seen this quote before: Failure to plan is planning to fail. Stick closely to the formula and you will have success. Leave out any steps and you’ll have a flop. It really is like baking a cake or a batch of cookies!

Changes being made to Medicare Annual Election Period for 2012

The Medicare program has instituted an important change to the Annual Election Period for 2012 and many beneficiaries aren’t aware of it. The Annual Election Period (AEP) is the time that Medicare allows members to make changes to their health plan choices for the next year.

High tech medical scans clear way for better local diagnoses

Combining two state-of-the-art imaging technologies, medical practitioners are often able to detect the presence and progression of many life-threatening diseases sooner and more thoroughly.

Supporting Natural Health Care in the New Oregon Health Plan

The town hall meeting to discuss the future of the Oregon Health Plan will be at Campbell Senior Center, 6-8pm, Wednesday, October 12. This will be an open forum to discuss all aspects of OHP, including the role of naturopathic physicians.

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