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Lana O’Briens Hopped Up – What’s happening this week in our Beer Community.

The Bier Stein: Bottleshop And Pub

Nestled in Eugene we have our very own beer hall with an array of bottles and beers on tap.

Hopped Up Eugene

Cooking and drinking for one. When the family is away, the mouth will play. Scones, bacon and Fat Heads Brewery Head Hunter IPA.

Hopped Up Eugene

On this weeks Hopped Up: Flying Dog Brewery’s Raging Bitch Belgian style IPA paired with burrata pasta and the beer trade.

Hopped Up Eugene

Eric Buist of Buistmedia created the HopStories concept a couple of years ago. Born out of his personal love for beer and of his craft as a videographer and producer. In this edition of Hopped Up: Meet The Oregon Beer Crew.

Hopped Up Eugene Gets Sky High

Hopped Up Eugene – The very first HopStory from Eric Buist and the team at Buist Media. Sky High!

Hopped Up Eugene

In this Hopped Up Eugene: Eric Buist tells stories. Stories about beer. Here is one he told recently about Brewers Union, #4 in his series called HOPSTORIES.

Hopped Up Eugene – The Oregon Brewers Festival

Oregon Brewers Festival caps off Oregon Beer Month July 23-27 in Portland.

Hopped Up Eugene!

In this weeks Hopped Up Eugene: when forced to pick between two similar beers to pair with dinner, drink them both. You might be surprised at the outcome.

Hopped Up Eugene

In this Hopped Up Eugene: Breakfast Beer of Champions, the sure fired remedy for what ails you.

Hopped Up Eugene

The Snakebite and Black. A drink surrounded with rumor and urban myth, that some pubs in England apparently refuse to serve. Does it have the affect people say? Find out here.

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