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Scotty Z, EDN’s inside outlaw and reporter at large.

Inside Outlaw – Occupy Ninja March

Scottie Z was on-scene for the Occupy Eugene Ninja March

Inside Outlaw – Occupy the Courts

Scottie Z drops in on Occupy Eugene’s latest protest: Occupy the Courts.

The Inside Outlaw – 115th Annual Tailgater

When you consider that Oregon has been a State for 152 years, organized collegiate football began 142 years ago (Princeton/Rutgers) and the first UO/OSU Civil War Game was played 117 years ago, you can’t help but wonder when the first tailgate party was held.

Inside Outlaw – Occupy Check

Your EDN Inside Outlaw headed down to the new Occupy Eugene Camp at Washington-Jefferson park near downtown Eugene, see what was up in the new digs.

Inside Outlaw: Jack-O-Lanterns on Broadway

Scottie Z heads down to the amazing Jack-O-Lanterns on Broadway display down at Kesey Square. This annual Halloween-based charity event is designed to help raise money for homeless services.

Inside Outlaw – Occupy Eugene Relocation

This weekend EDN’s Inside Outlaw ScottieZ headed to Downtown Eugene for a look at the Occupy Eugene move to it’s new location at Alton Baker Park.

Inside Outlaw – Occupy Eugene

EDN’s Inside Outlaw stopped in on Saturday’s protest slash membership drive to get a first hand account.

Inside Outlaw – Friday Night at the Cluster

ScottieZ get’s up close and personal with the quality of the facilities down at the Cluster (Broadway and Olive) in Downtown Eugene.

Inside Outlaw at the First Friday Art Walk

EDN’s Scottie Z takes a look at the First Friday Art Walk.

Diablo’s Bicycle Poker Run

Scottie Z on the scene at Diablo’s 6th Annual Bicycle Poker Run supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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