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No Pot of Gold Needed

Tomorrow, a large majority of Eugene will be wearing green of a different kind. Celebrated on March 17th internationally, Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday commonly known for shamrocks, leprechaun’s and green beer. So much so that it is in fact one of the leading days for alcohol consumption in the United States. Keep Reading

Eugene Beer Week is Coming

That’s right kids, in a couple months lil’ Eugene will play host to its first Beer Week! 16 Tons co-owner Mike Coplin has been hard at work organizing the inaugural beer week, which promises to be 7 days of craft events, anchored by the Annual Sasquatch Brewfest. Keep Reading

How Not Sweet!

I’m particularly proud of this creation, a squash soup made with one of our giant heirloom ‘Oregon Homestead Sweetmeat’ squashes, onions and leeks, and celery leaves. I wanted a hint of sweetness and more body than just fiber. That usually means UMAMI, the battle cry of the meat eater. Keep Reading

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