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Colorado Distillers Guild Sets Date to Cut Ribbon for Colorado Spirits Trail

Colorado Spirits Trail or Bust. Though the Colorado Gold Rush dried up in the early 1860s, the Colorado craft spirits rush is just getting started. The 50 members of the Colorado Distillers Guild, founded in 2011, hope that their new Colorado Spirits T…

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Four Roses Bourbon Updates Packaging, Drops Iconic Yellow Label

First of all, relax, what’s inside the bottle is not changing but the label on the outside is. Four Roses Distillery says that the redesigned label for the namesake bourbon will now align with Four Roses Small Batch and Single Barrel products. If…

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Understanding GMOs: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Coffee

Coffea arabica is a fastidious shrub. With the exacting terroir, heritage and willing producer to invest the time and energy into cultivating this delicate commodity, it will produce generous rewards….

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Diageo’s Scottish Whisky Distilleries See a 96% Increase in Visitors Over Last 5 Years

Telling the tales of how whisky is made and tales of distilleries roots is an art as much as making whisky is a science. It’s an experience people want to see, hear and smell person. An increase in whisky sales across the globe is also leading to…

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Strategies for an Inexpensive Wet Mill Makeover

Makeover: The desire to fix flaws, to transform, to improve, to become the “2.0.” It is a sexy concept, one that feeds tons of industries, catering to our most basic desires for…

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Why We Taste: What does it take to be a professional beer taster?

Welcome back! In our second installment of Why We Taste, we’re diving deep into the world of sensory, this time learning about what it takes to be a professional beer taster. (Missed our first post? Check it out here!). Each week, our senso…

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Ethiopia Dominates Good Food Awards Again, But Why?

Congratulations to all the winning roasters of the recent Good Food Awards, many of whom are long time acquaintances and friends, as are many of those people judging the GFA….

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US Coffee Companies Respond to ‘Shithole Country’ Comments

Numerous companies within the United States coffee industry, which has for decades taken market advantage of the hard labor and skill of millions of people in developing countries to milk profits, have swiftly responded to…

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Food Safety Experts Shine Some Light on the Glitter Coffee Trend

Whether they needed it or not, what lattes got in 2017 was a sprinkle of fairy dust. In early November, reports began to emerge about shiny gold and holographic-looking “diamond…

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