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These 17th Century Monks Went on a 40-Day, Beer-Only Lenten Fast… With the Pope’s Approval

The past two years have been good to hard-drinking disciples. Pope Francis famously declared wine a necessity in 2016, and former Pope Benedict XVI celebrated his 90th birthday with a beer and bretzels in August, 2017. Only one beer in recorded history received an actual blessing from the pope.

The post These 17th Century Monks Went on a 40-Day, Beer-Only Lenten Fast… With the Pope’s Approval appeared first on VinePair.

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The Extraction is Fine with Robusta, But Not Robusta Fraud

Coffee: Healthy, or not? The ping-ponging coverage of this topic, week after week, is maddening. Yet with the backdrop of the California Prop 65 coffee kerfuffle, the Washington Post last…

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Employees Go Absolut(ly) Naked to Sell Vodka. Tasteless?

When the Absolut Vodka ad campaign for “Nothing to Hide” started last year, it was about sustainability and using the wholesome cool, clear water bubbling up from wells found 140 meters below the distillery to tell a story about transparenc…

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Spirits and Wine Producer Brown-Forman Invests in Renewable Energy

Brown-Forman Corporation today announced a major commitment to renewable energy with an agreement to purchase 30 megawatts (MW) of electricity annually from Solomon Forks Wind Project, a new wind power project in Kansas. The wind farm is expected to ge…

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6 Days on the Trail: Binny’s Beverage Depot Whiskey Hotline Team Goes Hands-on with Bourbon Making

Different people learn in different ways and when it comes to distilled spirits, what better way to learn than with one’s own hands, eyes, nose and ultimately the taste on one’s own tongue. My Craft Distillery is a new learning concept from…

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Evan Williams Artisanal Bourbon Distillery Bungs its 1,000th Barrel

In April 2012 Heaven Hill Brands Executive Vice President Harry J. Shapira announced that the company would build the first new distillery along Louisville, Kentucky’s Whiskey Row in nearly 100 years. It was Shapira’s foresite that started …

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The Extraction May Come with a Cancer Warning in California

Fans of the 90s-era TV sitcom “Friends” got a jolt of excitement this week that could only have been outdone by Matt LeBlanc himself having summoned them with Joey Tribbiani’s…

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The Making of a Handcrafted Copper Yeast Jug [Photos]

When you start going down the rabbit hole you tend to find new paths at each turn. Such is the case when you start a conversation about “Yeast Jugs”. In today’s craft spirits world, most distillers order their yeast from one of the ma…

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What is a Yeast Jug? Discovering a Link to Bourbons Past

What the heck is a yeast jug? Ask someone with experience in a bourbon distillery or with bourbon history knowledge and they might tell you about when old time distillers used thick-walled, air and water tight, often copper vessels (a.k.a. “jugs”) to s…

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Grumpy Cat Awarded $710,000 In Coffee Brand Copyright Suit

A lawsuit filed by the owners of the meme-famous Grumpy Cat — whose real name is Tardar Sauce — has shown its indemnification claws. A California jury has awarded Grumpy Cat…

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