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The Extraction May Come with a Cancer Warning in California

Fans of the 90s-era TV sitcom “Friends” got a jolt of excitement this week that could only have been outdone by Matt LeBlanc himself having summoned them with Joey Tribbiani’s…

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The Making of a Handcrafted Copper Yeast Jug [Photos]

When you start going down the rabbit hole you tend to find new paths at each turn. Such is the case when you start a conversation about “Yeast Jugs”. In today’s craft spirits world, most distillers order their yeast from one of the ma…

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What is a Yeast Jug? Discovering a Link to Bourbons Past

What the heck is a yeast jug? Ask someone with experience in a bourbon distillery or with bourbon history knowledge and they might tell you about when old time distillers used thick-walled, air and water tight, often copper vessels (a.k.a. “jugs”) to s…

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Grumpy Cat Awarded $710,000 In Coffee Brand Copyright Suit

A lawsuit filed by the owners of the meme-famous Grumpy Cat — whose real name is Tardar Sauce — has shown its indemnification claws. A California jury has awarded Grumpy Cat…

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The Seven Cardinal Sins of Coffee Sustainability

I am an eternal optimist. You have to be in this line of work — protecting the future of coffee is tireless work, and it can feel like once we’ve…

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Countdown Begins to Kentucky Bourbon Affair Golden Ticket Release

“They’re at the post…” In Kentucky, they say the limestone water that flows through the creeks, rivers and lakes is good for two things; building strong bones in Kentucky thoroughbred horses and distilling Kentucky bourbon whisk…

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Colorado Distillers Guild Sets Date to Cut Ribbon for Colorado Spirits Trail

Colorado Spirits Trail or Bust. Though the Colorado Gold Rush dried up in the early 1860s, the Colorado craft spirits rush is just getting started. The 50 members of the Colorado Distillers Guild, founded in 2011, hope that their new Colorado Spirits T…

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Four Roses Bourbon Updates Packaging, Drops Iconic Yellow Label

First of all, relax, what’s inside the bottle is not changing but the label on the outside is. Four Roses Distillery says that the redesigned label for the namesake bourbon will now align with Four Roses Small Batch and Single Barrel products. If…

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Understanding GMOs: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Coffee

Coffea arabica is a fastidious shrub. With the exacting terroir, heritage and willing producer to invest the time and energy into cultivating this delicate commodity, it will produce generous rewards….

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Diageo’s Scottish Whisky Distilleries See a 96% Increase in Visitors Over Last 5 Years

Telling the tales of how whisky is made and tales of distilleries roots is an art as much as making whisky is a science. It’s an experience people want to see, hear and smell person. An increase in whisky sales across the globe is also leading to…

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