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Few things in life inspire as much conversation as good, or bad, food. EDN is on a mission to eat, and report our way through the amazing array of restaurants, bistro's, shops, diners, all things food that our local area offers. Good writers, honest reviews.


52 weeks of cooking – Stocks and Broths There are two parts to a good Vietnamese pho, a rich flavorful stock and the toppings. Let’s start with the stock. Lots of people use the term stock and broth interchangeably, but there is a difference. My […] Keep Reading

Seven Ways to Use Bitters for Cooking, According to Chefs

Bitters are to cocktails as salt and spices are to foods. They add complexity, highlighting existing flavors and introducing new ones. But what else can you do with that bottle of boozy extract sitting on your shelf? Apparently, a whole lot. In Angostura’s home country, Trinidad and Tobago, bitters are added to all sorts of […]

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Chicken and Pork Pastry Rolls

52 weeks of Baking – Geekery I have been in love with historical clothing for as long as I can remember. Simple everyday dresses to elaborate evening gowns, what’s not to love, there is something for everyone, every era has its own unique style. My […] Keep Reading

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