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The Wonderful Rosa Mariotti's "Growing Up Italian". Humble beginnings are rapidly turning into international renown. Rosa is in Hawaii now and wow, the food is better than ever.

Growing Up Italian: I left my heart in Senigallia.

Home is where your heart is” or sometimes home is not where you are physically, but a place you carry IN your heart despite the distance. Just the thought of it, makes you smile and feel happy….or homesick, in my case. A big piece of my heart belongs to Cesano, Senigallia.

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Growing up Italian: Southern comfort (food)

The holiday season is here. With that, fond memories of the many great times spent in Italy with my family. Decorating the tree: year after year, using the same ornaments and the same short, beaten-up artificial tree from which we couldn’t depart such we loved him so much.

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Growing up Italian: My citrus is running naked !

Growing up in Perugia, in the heart of Italy, we did not have any fruit other than the one Nature could provide on its own, without manipulation. That meant the usual Winter melons, Apples and Pears.

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Growing Up Italian: Giving Many Grazie

Thanksgiving if the holiday that made me a better person. It made me more aware that there are so many reasons to be grateful, and I need to celebrate each one of them. Mille Grazie! (A thousand thank you’s)

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Growing up Italian: My American Family Part 2

Here is what I learned from life: Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friends. FRIENDS are. I know, truth can hurt, and don’t get me wrong…I like the bling bling, too. When it comes to real life, though, everybody needs a very close friend. A BFF as they call them now.

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Growing up Italian: My American Family Part 1

As I write this, I shed tears mourning the loss of my beloved aunt. Her departure leaves a big hole in my heart. She was…

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Growing up Italian: Two weddings and….one crushed!

When one gets married, in Italy, one is willing to grow deeper roots. I, on the other hand, always wanted to grow wings- for as long as I can remember.

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Growing up Italian: How I Met My Brother From a Different Mother (Gemellino)

In Italy we have a popular saying: You can’t pick your family members, but you can choose your friends. How exciting! I got to have a twin, who is not my brother, but who’s the bestest of friends. If you find this confusing, you are not the  only one. Here’s how it all happened.

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Growing Up Italian: Caffe’latte, a Big Bang Theory

When one is born Italian, he/she is supposed to like coffee, wine and animal organs (in this order) as if it were part of the natural genetic patrimony. Caffelatte (Milk and coffee) is what I grew up having for breakfast as a child.

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Growing up Italian: A Pasta Story

“Life is a combination of pasta and magic” Fellini once said. So, it goes for me. The Pasta gene is profoundly embedded in my soul.…

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