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Growing Up Italian - page 3

The Wonderful Rosa Mariotti's "Growing Up Italian". Humble beginnings are rapidly turning into international renown. Rosa is in Hawaii now and wow, the food is better than ever.

Growing up Italian: The Frigidaire

It never occurred to me, until later in life, that Frigidaire was just a name brand, and not the proper noun for the big, fat, boxy, noisy and shiny white appliance that sat in our kitchen corner for almost 30 years.

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Growing up Italian: The “abominable” Biscotti

My maternal grandmother was what one would call- nowadays- a fashionista.

Living “la dolce vita” in Firenze (Florence) at the eve of WWII could have been glamorous. She took full advantage of it. Married to my grandfather, a Marshall of the Italian Army, she attended the Opera wearing the latest fashion, and purchased her shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo, who back then was just emerging as a promising shoemaker in Italy.

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Growing up Italian: My other home….is a Jewel!

AL FRESCO:Adverb (al-/fres-/ko’): Dining style during the summer months in a party-like atmosphere, outside, “in the cool air”. To me, it means way more than that.…

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Growing up Italian – Rosa Mariotti

Things I took for granted growing up Italian, have now become treasured experiences. Flavors, smells and memories, are part of my repertoire of sensory recalls I hope to share with you.

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