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Few things in life inspire as much conversation as good, or bad, food. EDN is on a mission to eat, and report our way through the amazing array of restaurants, bistro's, shops, diners, all things food that our local area offers. Good writers, honest reviews.

Pofta Buna!: Greek Lamb Burgers

I confess that since I moved to the USA I have been unable to eat lamb. It never tastes as good as the lamb my grandparents raised - at least until I had these lamb burgers. Deck Family's meat lacks that too-strong sheepy taste that some lamb meat has, but still retains a robust and unique flavor. Keep Reading

Local Lunch Gals: Delacata Soul Food

The blue skies and 84 degree temperatures on Friday, the 13th of July, had the Local Lunch Gals outdoors for the entire day. Maria and Jennifer, along with a high school friend visiting from Idaho, had a fabulous lunch on the patio at Oregon Electric Station. I wasn't able to join them, but later in the afternoon, a friend and I went to Sweet Cheeks Winery to take in the view of the valley while chilling out with a glass of Sweet Cheeks Pinot Gris and indulging in a delectable meal. Keep Reading

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