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Few things in life inspire as much conversation as good, or bad, food. EDN is on a mission to eat, and report our way through the amazing array of restaurants, bistro's, shops, diners, all things food that our local area offers. Good writers, honest reviews.

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Italian Cuisine From A Family Team

If Eugene were a coat, I expect it would have upwards of a thousand pockets. An entire coat made of nothing but pockets holding an infinite variety of endearing oddities and worthwhile rabbit trails. One such pocket is at the mouth of the Southern Hills of Eugene. Keep Reading

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Agate Alley’s new Laboratory

Having won the love of the campus area over the last few years, Agate Alley Bistro has decided to expand their domain with a new restaurant in South Eugene. Nicknamed the “Lab,” Agate Alley's Laboratory on Willamette St. hosts a “Restaurant, Catering, and Shindigs!” Approaching the end of their 4th week being open, manager Leann says, “Everything is going very well.” And if you get the chance to go check out the Lab, you'll see for yourself how much of an understatement that is. Keep Reading

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Eugene’s waffle imperialists

The liege, Off the Waffle's claim to fame, is an adaptation of brioche. It is made by caramelizing pearl sugar on the cake as it bakes. As Off the Waffle says, “This caramelization is the secret.” But it's not just sugar that makes the orange fro's wares such an attraction. It's also the amazing diversity of flavors that Dave and Omer add. Keep Reading

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A Good Old Fashioned ‘Wich-Hunt

What is it that makes sandwiches so awesome? Is it the texture, flavors, DIY mentality, or the propensity for customization? Is it the fact that you can make food less messy by holding it between two slices of bread? Does a sandwich even have to involve bread? The short answer is that a little of all these questions and characteristics go into designing and building a truly great sandwich, and there are a multitude of places in this great city of ours waiting to share their skills with you. Keep Reading

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Don’t Miss The Bus! 2011 Barrel Tour

Highly recommended and tons of fun, a Barrel Tour is an all-inclusive tour that gives wine lovers an inside look at the heart of the Willamette Valley wine country. Traveling on a luxury charter bus, meeting the winemakers, and tasting wine directly from a barrel are just of a few of the many reasons why you will love these tours. Keep Reading

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