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Few things in life inspire as much conversation as good, or bad, food. EDN is on a mission to eat, and report our way through the amazing array of restaurants, bistro's, shops, diners, all things food that our local area offers. Good writers, honest reviews.

Don’t Miss The Bus! 2011 Barrel Tour

Highly recommended and tons of fun, a Barrel Tour is an all-inclusive tour that gives wine lovers an inside look at the heart of the Willamette Valley wine country. Traveling on a luxury charter bus, meeting the winemakers, and tasting wine directly from a barrel are just of a few of the many reasons why you will love these tours. Keep Reading

Spring Greens: Stinging Nettles

When it comes to experimenting with mysterious green foods, some people need more than just a hearty nutritional profile for persuasion. Because besides being very, very good for you, food should taste good, right? Finding that balance of nutritious and delicious, is part of the joy of cooking. Keep Reading

A Perfect Pairing: Pinot & Panini

Located on Main Street in downtown Springfield, The Washburne Cafe's historic yellow building, arched doorway and big picture windows invite you in, the wood floors, exposed brick walls, and high ceilings will enticed you to order up and stay a while. Keep Reading

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