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Seasoned At Sea

Caz Ludke grew up in Singapore, moved stateside and now creates amazing food from the galley of a variety of Tall Ships. Seasoned At Sea!

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Sun warmed strawberries right out of the garden are the best thing you can put in your mouth all summer, but when there is no garden large enough you sometimes have to turn to the produce aisle. These strawberries tend to need a little help, […]

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Phyllo Walnut Granola

The base of most granolas is oatmeal, it’s crunchy, earthy and has endless flavor possibilities with fun additions from dried fruit to chocolate. The most common way to consume granola is with yoghurt, I prefer thick Greek yoghurt with a drizzle of honey and a […]

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Creamy Napa Cabbage Coleslaw

Cabbage is my thing, any kind of cabbage, green, red, napa, Brussel sprouts and bok choy, surprisingly they all make great salads, but napa is the best. It’s less chewy and thick in comparison to classic green cabbage and not as spicy, but still has […]

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Parmesan Garlic Toast

Garlic bread is an easily gobbled up side dish, the only way to balance out that fact is to make a lot of it. Usually when I make garlic bread I take that extra step and make the bread myself, it just seems like a […]

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Red Wine Blueberry Pie

I find most berry pies a little too sweet, they lack robust flavor, only hitting on one note and end up tasting like eating a scoop of jam in a pastry shell. This pie on the other hand has all the robustness of a bottle […]

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My Galley

A galley is much more than just where food is prepared on a ship, it’s the heart of the vessel. Each galley has its own style and feel to it, some feel homier with more familiar equipment like a home kitchen while others have industrial […]

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Pineapple Cheesecake Blondie Squares

As a kid most birthdays were celebrated with a pineapple upside down cake, that was our go to cake; there was the occasional burnt almond cake from that bakery we loved, but that was more of a cake for my mom’s birthday. Finally, when I […]

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Granola Bars

A bagged lunch is not complete without a little something other than a sandwich and fruit, maybe a muffin or some chips, but the best option is a granola bar. On Class Afloat the students had field trips every time we were in a new […]

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Herby Vegetable Pita

More and more people are incorporating vegetarian meals into their diets and some cuisines naturally lean in that direction, Mediterranean is one of them. I want to cook more vegetarian meals for the public but I know how some people feel about their meat, it […]

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Italian Ricotta Mac and Cheese

I grew up on both homemade mac and cheese and the box stuff. When it came to the box stuff my brother and I would eat it out of the pot together sitting on the floor; when we had the fancy cartoon shaped pasta we’d […]

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