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Seasoned At Sea

Caz Ludke grew up in Singapore, moved stateside and now creates amazing food from the galley of a variety of Tall Ships. Seasoned At Sea!

Environmental and Adventure School

Uh oh, I thought this trip was going to be high schoolers, it’s middle schoolers, it’ll be much louder and chaotic compared to our usual high school trips. This school group is from the Seattle area and they are apart of this special program focusing […]

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Spinach Souffle

52 weeks of baking – Earth Day I appreciate the change of the seasons and the changes it makes to our eating routine; I like to cook seasonally while I season my food at sea. As an occasional gardener and a hopeful homesteader I know […]

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Dutch Baby

Do you know about the Badder-Meinhof Phenomenon? It’s where you learn about something new and then after you start to encounter it every where, like you were blind to it before. This happened to me with Dutch babies. I like to describe a Dutch baby […]

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Seared Polenta Squares

52 weeks of cooking – Searing I love polenta and I don’t understand why it’s not popular to those I serve it to. I could eat a huge bowl of polenta with just a simple sauce of roasted tomatoes with basil and be very satisfied, […]

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Lighthouse Tour

This week’s trip is lighthouse themed, there are a handful of lighthouses among the San Juan Islands and we toured a bunch of them. We had a smaller group this time, only 8 passengers, it’s nice sometimes to have fewer people to cook for and […]

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52 weeks of baking – Great British Bake Off I love the Great British Bake Off. Who doesn’t?! Amazing bakes, a few disasters, a bit of comedy and best of all so many new ideas of things I didn’t know existed. One of the most […]

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Borek and Charred Green Onion Dip

52 weeks of cooking – Balkan When I think back on my vacation to Turkey I always think about the food first. The art that I saw, the beautiful mosques and the palaces covered in mosaics were fantastic but it’s the food that stands out […]

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Spring Cleaning

For the past month weekend work parties have been focused on finishing up projects and putting Zodiac back together so she’s ready for her sailing season. We’ve already completed our first sail of the season but there was still some work that needed to be […]

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52 weeks of baking – Sweet & Savory I always seek out authentic food when I travel, I have a taste for the real thing, I want to eat what the locals eat and sometimes that means waking up early before the rest of the […]

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Savory Green Onion Pancakes

52 weeks of cooking – Onions Pancakes do not always have to be sweet and covered in a river of maple syrup, pancakes can be savory. The first time I made savory pancakes it was the topping that was savory, not the pancakes, it mostly […]

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