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Caz Ludke grew up in Singapore, moved stateside and now creates amazing food from the galley of a variety of Tall Ships. Seasoned At Sea!

Desolation Sound Part 2

Day 6 Breakfast: Blini with sour cream and jam, breakfast sausage, yoghurt, granola and juice Lunch: Squid stuffed with spinach in a white wine sauce, green beans almondine and leftover mac and cheese Snack: Lamb cigars with yoghurt tahini sauce Dinner: Cachapas with pulled pork, […]

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Desolation Sound Part 1

This is the big trip of the year that everyone has been waiting for, 10 days in Desolation Sound Canada. It’s a beautiful place and well worth the effort it takes to organize everything to get there, but it is a bit of an organizational […]

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Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream

52 weeks of baking – Creams, Curds & Puddings I’ve been making a lot of ice cream this summer, experimenting with new flavors and playing with the amount of egg yolk, heavy cream and sugar to find the right texture. I’ve fallen in love with […]

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Steamed Custard Buns

52 weeks of baking – China Coffee shops in Asia are just like ones in the west, coffee drinks, a selection of teas and pastries, both sweet and savory, the only difference is the flavor of those drinks and pastries. Like other steamed buns the […]

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Four Sheets to the Wind

This trip is named four sheets to the wind from an old nautical saying, usually in reference to less sheets, but if someone is three sheets to the wind then they’ve had a bit too much to drink. If two alcohol themed overnight trips are […]

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Cilantro Pesto

52 weeks of cooking – Fresh Herbs If you haven’t noticed cilantro is my favorite herb, I love the floral notes and brightness it has in comparison to parsley. It can be used in almost any dish but it’s more prevalent in Latin and Asian […]

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9 Egg White Cake

52 weeks of baking – Tube/Bundt Cake I have fond memories of making angel food cake from a box with my grandma. Pouring ingredients into the mixer, letting it whip up into a big foamy batter and picking off the brown crust as it cools […]

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Taco Salad with Chipotle Ranch Dressing

52 weeks of cooking – Hot and Cold Summer is a time for salad and not just small side salads, big, hearty, filling, dinner salads. To me a dinner salad is your whole meal, lots of veggies, composed flavors and a spectacular dressing. This taco […]

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Raspberry Chocolate Crumble

52 weeks of baking – Cobblers, Crisps and Crumbles This creation was invented because I wanted to be different, I wanted to make something different than what I could already find. I didn’t want a chocolate cobbler on top of my fruit, I wanted something […]

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Nautical Knitters

I have been thinking about planning this menu since I heard this trip was happening last year, yarn and knitting needles are enough inspiration for food. I knew I wanted to make lots of noodley, yarn looking items, something braided to look like knitting and […]

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