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Caz Ludke grew up in Singapore, moved stateside and now creates amazing food from the galley of a variety of Tall Ships. Seasoned At Sea!

Ballard Maratime

Ballard Maritime from Seattle has been coming to Zodiac for a few years. They are a maritime oriented school so the students already know their way around boats before they get there. That’s a plus because they understand a lot of details and we don’t […]

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Fruit Dumplings

52 weeks of baking – Czech Republic These little fruit dumplings are from the Czech Republic and make for a lovely low sugar dessert. Traditionally stone fruit like plums and apricots are wrapped in a yeast dough and cooked in simmering water until they are […]

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Windward High School

Now the season is really underway, we have a 5-day trip with a school from Ferndale called Windward. Unfortunately, this is the last trip we’ll be doing with this school because they are closing down due to lack of attendance, so best to make it […]

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Sandwich Rolls

Making bagged lunches for a huge group is a pain, what do you make that’s easy to assemble and will last a few hours in a backpack? On Class Afloat every time we stopped in port the students had a port program to attend, a […]

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Hot Oil Noodles

52 weeks of cooking – Noodles One of the great things about working on tall ships are the friends you make, those friends become your boat family and you’ll always be connected through the journey you took together. You can’t compare your boat family to […]

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Turkish Manti

52 weeks of cooking – Showing Off I’m always on the quest for something new, with so many different dishes out there in the world, why eat the same thing twice. I put a lot of work into finding new dishes to make or even […]

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Chamomile Honey Bundt Cake

52 weeks of baking – No sugar I’m always trying to cut down on sugar in my baked goods. It’s needed for texture in cakes and cookies, but sometimes it just seems like an overwhelming amount, especially when you are making a huge amount of […]

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Environmental and Adventure School

Uh oh, I thought this trip was going to be high schoolers, it’s middle schoolers, it’ll be much louder and chaotic compared to our usual high school trips. This school group is from the Seattle area and they are apart of this special program focusing […]

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Spinach Souffle

52 weeks of baking – Earth Day I appreciate the change of the seasons and the changes it makes to our eating routine; I like to cook seasonally while I season my food at sea. As an occasional gardener and a hopeful homesteader I know […]

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Dutch Baby

Do you know about the Badder-Meinhof Phenomenon? It’s where you learn about something new and then after you start to encounter it every where, like you were blind to it before. This happened to me with Dutch babies. I like to describe a Dutch baby […]

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