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Editorials from EDN and invited guests. Opinions expressed in Viewpoints are the work of the writer and do not represent the views of Eugene Daily News, it’s owners, or it’s employees.

VIEWPOINT: Time For The EPA To Step Up

April Coppini-Bumblebee, Jacobs Gallery

Failure to ban these bee-killing pesticides will have disastrous effects.

Welcome To Eugene

Nice flowers.  They really spruce up the downtown mall.

Hey Eugene – care for the people who live and work downtown at least as much as you “care” about the vagrant population living in our parks, doorways and alleys.



There aren’t many people who can say they work at the upper echelons of politics.

Viewpoint: Go Set A Watchman

Widower Atticus Finch

A review of Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman.

Marijuana: What is Your Opinion?

Oregon Marijuana Survey Project

Do you have an opinion about marijuana? Concerned about legalization in Oregon?

VIEWPOINT: LTD Attempts to Blindside Us……..Again


Lane Transit District (LTD) has already begun their relentless and focused pursuit of a new EmX line connecting LCC and Thurston. This is a project that will greatly impact Springfield and Eugene.

VIEWPOINT: Closing The Clean Water Act Loopholes


On the 42nd anniversary of the Clean Water Act, a new report from Environment Oregon, “Waterways Restored,” highlights the success the law has brought to the Willamette River, taking it from a river overwhelmed by sewage, to one that Oregonians can once again enjoy for swimming.

To Think is a Dangerous Thing

parking rate hike suggestion

As I sit here drinking my morning coffee looking out at seven beautiful snow covered mountains my mind is developing some ideas on development. Sometimes to think is a dangerous thing.

Voters Pamphlet: Now That Should Come in Useful?

The deadline for voter

A long time ago, in a far away land, I was a registered Democrat. I’m not exactly sure why I registered that way but in college I thought Democrat was the way to go. The older I got and the more I began to understand, the more I realized I wasn’t a D so after moving to Eugene I re-registered as a Republican. Living in this community I realized I wasn’t a far left and the only other direction I could go at the time was the far right.

Don’t Sit on Your Butt, Speak Up


Some big changes are headed to Eugene and I think its time the voiceless speak up. A few months back I heard Whole Foods is again looking to located in Downtown Eugene. Those close to the deal asked me to be quiet about the deal because, in case you didn’t notice, there’s a group of people in Eugene who tend to kill new development before it has a chance to grow.

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