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Don’t Sit on Your Butt, Speak Up

Some big changes are headed to Eugene and I think its time the voiceless speak up. A few months back I heard Whole Foods is again looking to located in Downtown Eugene. Those close to the deal asked me to be quiet about the deal because, in case you didn’t notice, there’s a group of people in Eugene who tend to kill new development before it has a chance to grow.

Enough Talk, Lets Find A Solution

It’s time to get involved and stop allowing the conversation to be controlled by a single group. It’s time to do more than talk, even out of true compassion, it’s time to elevate the discourse and focus on solutions, not who can yell the loudest.

I Want to Recycle I Just Want to be Pro-Choice About it

Shopping at Winco in Springfield tonight I finally figured out what it is about this Eugene Plastic Bag Ban that bugs me: I’M PRO-RECYCLING AND PRO-CHOICE.

Autism: Disorder to some, Normal to Me.

Oregon has the second highest diagnosed rate in the nation and Lane County is one of the highest county’s with Autism rates in Oregon if not the highest.

Christopher Dorner and the Monsters in Our Heads

Trying to understand what happens to people like Christopher Dorner seems more effective in preventing future acts of violence than just saying, “Another crazy monster!” and moving on to the next action-packed news phenomenon. Dorner was not the new Batman, neither was he the new Joker. He was a human being who made the wrong decision based on being wronged.

Citizen Confrontation at City Council Meeting

The heat is turning up on Lane County. Attempts to prevent local activist Alley Valkyrie from attending County Commission meetings backfired on the 29th when Alley not only showed up, she spoke to their conduct directly and without restraint.

Banning GMO’s: The New Civil Rights Movement

As the fight over genetically modified canola and other GM crops escalates in the Willamette Valley, a group of farmers and neighbors in Benton County have spent the past year talking about how to stop GMO’s. They’ve asked the question that people across the country ask when faced with corporate threats – such as GMO’s, fracking, or water privatization – how do we say no?

Viewpoint: The Desire for Media to be First Rather Than Accurate

In the latest viewpoint, Ryan tackles the issue of media’s desire to be first rather than accurate.

Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep

We don’t really think about lying down as anything but a God-given right. Anytime we feel like resting horizontally, we do it! We fall onto our couches, our beds, and relax. In public, however, the norm is that we don’t do that. Rarely is anyone seen completely lying down in public and if they are, they must be homeless. And here it is, the potent label that cuts distinction between those that lie down outside, and everybody else. Homeless.

Viewpoint: A Need for Conservation

Our Constitution delivers us the principles of Liberty and Posterity. The evolution of one (Liberty), combined with an opportunistic and consuming society, has led to the disservice of the other (Posterity). In order to uphold the ethics of humanity and those who founded our nation, we must recognize the harms we are doing and the impact they will have for generations to come.

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