It’s true, if you are a new business owner, we will run your advertising for free.


These are some of the business owners that have taken advantage of our no strings, no commitment, free ad program.



We will run banner ads for your qualified new business for 30 days at no cost to you. Banner sizes include: 300×250, 120×600, 650×125 and 970×30. These ads will run throughout the Eugene Daily News website as well as our affiliate sites: Wine Julia, and Eugene On The Cheap. If you don’t have ready to run advertising for your business, we can create those for you. There is a $150 charge for creating ads but we can trade up to 100% of that charge for you.


You can advertise your business/website, a special you are running, a coupon, a deal or giveaway – anything that will inspire our customers to come to your store, or website.

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EDN’s New Business Program is aimed at small business startups; the businesses that enrich our community, employ our citizens and expand our economy.

How we define a qualified new business:

  • Opened in Lane County over the last 11 months
  • Not a seasonal or temporary business entity
  • Not a branch, division or spinoff of an existing business
  • Not a business that is owned by another company
  • Not a political entity – sorry, campaigns don’t qualify
  • Can be a Sole Proprietor, LLC, LLP, INC, etc.
  • Hasn’t received free advertising from EDN previously

A couple of important exclusions:

  • Strip clubs, adult shops, head shops, etc.
  • Non-Profits – please contact us directly as we do have a program for 501c3 organizations.
  • Multi-level and Networking businesses



Guidelines and information on providing art or having art created.

  • EDN doesn’t run animated, flash or plain text ads.  Static “magazine” style ads are our standard (see examples above)
  • Banners we create are yours to use on other sites, etc.
  • .png, .jpg are accepted formats
  • Sizes must be precise

Our new business banner sizes:

  • 120×600 “Skyscraper”
  • 300×250
  • 970×30

Optional (paid) sizes:

  • 600×962 Mobile Responsive
  • 300×600
  • Wallpaper (clickable full backgrounds)


EDN Supports Lane County Businesses, let us support yours.

Email us at: [email protected] with any questions you may have, or to enroll in the program. You can also use the form above.