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“I Can See Clearly Now,” But How Long Will It Last?

Fireplace & Oil Lamp

We are coming into that time of the year when the air can get pretty thick with smoke, mostly due to people burning wood to keep their homes warm. There are rules for just how much smoke is allowed to rise out of your chimney. I’ll explain the rules.

Mother Nature Strikes Back At Local Hot Springs

There has been a rockslide at the Terwilliger Hot Springs resulting in the closure of the upper pool. Forest Service restrictions are in place.

Geocaching in Eugene

Geocaching is the outdoor adventure that combines satellite technology with treasure hunting. Eugene Daily News writer Grant Madden spends Sunday morning in Skinner Butte Park, hunting down his next finds.

Film Fanatic: John McTiernan Released From Jail, Denzel Washington Movie Getting Buzz

The latest Film Fanatic looks at John McTiernan’s release from jail, the positive buzz on Denzel Washington’s new film and Robert Zemeckis’ new film.

Photo Feature: Yellowstone Park in Winter

This is my first trip into Yellowstone and some of the conditions made it difficult to get stunning photos. I will certainly be going back another year and I now have some experience under my belt.

Surviving River Guide School: Part 2

It is 8 o’clock in the morning and I am standing outside the River House, dressed in full river-guide regalia — base layer of Under Armor, fleece, wetsuit, dry top, wool socks and river shoes — I feel amphibian.

Surviving River Guide School: Part 1

Eugene is a city blessed with easy access to two beautiful rivers. Most people who live here visit those waterways seasonally, for recreation and relaxation. But some folks call these rivers their workplace.

551: A Grandfather’s Gift

There are memories buried in the chipped and faded veneer of my grandfather’s shotgun, and there are stories in it that I can only invent, not discover buried in the slowly growing rust and caked oil of the barrel.

Backwoods Bait Gathering

Although using live bait to catch fish is frowned upon in some circles, it is an old-school, highly effective way to get fish on the hook and to the dinner plate.

Late Season Cross-Country Skiing for First-Timers

Spring is officially here and the season openers are fast approaching for Oregon’s outdoorsy types. Soon bear hunters will be in the woods, gobbler guns will be loaded, and fresh-caught trout will be what’s for dinner … soon, but not quite yet. While you’re waiting for the excruciating countdown to finally end, there’s still time to get in a last-minute trip to the snow.

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