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Joshy Trailer

The first trailer for Joshy has been released. Thomas Middleditch leads a stacked comedic cast as a man dealing with a breakup right before he was supposed to get married. To lift his spirits, his friends take him to a retreat to recharge his batteries and have a good time. That stacked cast includes Adam Pally, Nick Kroll, Aubrey Plaza, Jenny Slate, Alison Brie and Jake Johnson. Joshy opens in theaters on August 12 and streams exclusively on Hulu following its theatrical run.

Star Trek Beyond Trailer #3

Paramount has released the final trailer for Star Trek Beyond. In the third entry in the reboot, the Enterprise is a few years into its five-year mission when a mysterious force attacks the ship forcing the crew to abandon on an unknown planet. Normally I don't like pop songs in trailers, but Rihanna's new song "Sledgehammer" fits perfectly with this action-heavy trailer. Also noticeably absent is any scenes involving the late Anton Yelchin. No doubt intentional on the part of Paramount to avoid being insensitive, but it still would have been great to see a shot hang on the actor (As a tribute) much like what they did for Paul Walker in the Furious 7 trailer. Star Trek Beyond opens July 22.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Trailer

The first trailer for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back has been released. Tom Cruise returns in the titular role as the rogue soldier drifting from town to town to expend justice where it's needed. But when the woman (Cobie Smulders) who took over for him as the head of the MP is arrested for espionage, Reacher must return to his old stomping grounds to clear her name. I was a huge fan of the first Jack Reacher because it was an old-school action movie in the vein of a Steve McQueen movie back in the day. Some found it to be a bit slow, but it appears director Edward Zwick has upped the action for the sequel. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back opens October 21.

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