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The Frugal Wino: Evolution Red

From the very start of my wine journey - I've always loved red wines. Especially red blends. In addition to growing excellent pinot noir, Oregon can impress with it's large bodied reds. There are many big red varietals (i.e. cabernet sauvignon, tempran more...

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The Gambler Red-Band Trailer

The first red-band (Contains language) trailer for The Gambler has been released.  Starring a noticeably thin Mark Wahlberg, the film follows a literature professor (Wahlberg, that's a bit of a stretch) whose gambling habits spiral out of control, affecting both himself and those around him.  This is a great teaser featuring Wahlberg and John Goodman discussing the ramifications of Wahlberg not paying him back.  The last line is especially funny.  The Gambler arrives in theaters January 2, 2015.

Happy Valley Trailer

A trailer for the documentary Happy Valley has been released.  The film chronicles what happened when Penn State football coach Joe Paterno's assistant, Jerry Sandusky, was charged with 40 counts of child sex abuse.  Once a legendary football program, the Sandusky case crippled Penn State and the documentary follows the aftermath.  This was an enormous story a couple of years ago and it will be interesting to learn new revelations into a shocking story that hopefully creates even more awareness for the issue of child abuse.  Happy Valley opens in limited release on November 19.

Top Five Trailer

Chris Rock the comedian: Hilarious.  Chris Rock's movies: Not so much.  But it looks like he may have figured out how to combine the two to make a movie that looks appealing.  Top Five follows Rock as he plays a loosely fictionalized version of himself who was once a big star trying to revitalize his career.  This looks like a variation of Woody Allen and Judd Apatow in the best way.  The film looks funny and there's a lot of talent (Maybe too much) on screen.  Top Five will be released December 12.

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