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All kinds of products, toys and tips for your 420 toolbox

Koko Nuggz

This jar looks ready to smoke, but take a second look. These amazingly lifelike nugs are actually snacks made of crispy rice and chocolate, the perfect after-smoking snack and great for a laugh when you pop one in your mouth in front of an unsuspecting…

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Big Weed

In this book, the founder of the fastest-growing marijuana company in the world talks industry and entrepreneurship in the face of legalization, including predictions for the future of the world of cannabis.

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Weed Leaf Pullover Hoodie

This digital printed sweatshirt is designed to have an almost 3D look to it. Not only is it prime-eligible, but also very affordable and available in a huge selection of designs if this one is a bit too loud for your tastes.

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Succulent UV Reactive Water Pipe

This gorgeous piece has a cute little potted succulent inside the stem, but that’s not the best part. This bong is UV reactive, meaning that it will glow a gorgeous blue-ish color under a blacklight. Don’t believe us, click the link to view…

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Psychedelic Hippie Tapestry

Tapestries are a Stoner Toolbox favorite, as they can be used not just as a wall decoration but as a bedspread, a curtain, a beach accessory, and a tablecloth (among many other decorative methods). This trippy design will keep you entertained through any smoke session, guaranteed.

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Swagstr Combo Stash Box

This premium bamboo stash box package also includes a titanium grinder and a UV glass jar, sporting the box’s same dreamcatcher design with a watercolor touch. This deal is currently prime-eligible and a great bang-for-your-buck, so grab it before it’s gone.

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Aces High Playing Cards

These extremely affordable cards are decked out with ornate Victorian-deco designs featuring mother Mary Jane herself. The cards are created with quality in mind and are not just a gag gift. These are a must have for around the house.

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OCB Rolling Tray Holi Style

This vibrant rolling tray features a splash of Holi festival colors and curved edges to prevent spillage. Choose from two affordable sizes depending on your needs.

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Hydrology9 Water Filtration Vaporizer

This vaporizer by Hydrology9 is revolutionary, featuring a totally integrated liquid filtration system that is leak-proof and still incredibly easy to transport and to clean. Reviewers state that this vape has even replaced their beloved bongs; don&#82…

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Smoke Meowt Poster

This purrr-fect poster is the decoration you didn’t know you needed until now. At Stoner Toolbox we love two things: cats and weed. For our viewers that feel the same, this one’s for you.

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