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All kinds of products, toys and tips for your 420 toolbox

Bart Vibes Rolling Tray

This intergalactic Simpsons rolling tray channels the way we all aim to feel after a long day and a few blunt rips. The rounded edges help keep your weed from spilling over the side, so you won’t lose any dank while rolling.

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H2FLO Vaporizer by Flytlab

This pen-style dry herb vaporizer uses a convection system (like an oven) to keep the temperature regulated while you use it. It’s also very discreet and small enough to toss in your pocket or bag on-the-go.

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Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts

Beyond Buds breaks down the various types of consumer products in the marijuana market today, including in-depth instruction on how to make and use extracts.

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Women’s Pot Printed Leggings

We will say it and say it again: Yes, leggings are pants. Do your thing (in style and in extreme comfort) with these 420-friendly women’s leggings, available in multiple different sizes.

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The Keefer Scraper

Most modern-day grinders feature a chamber to catch and contain a mound of kief for future use, but it can be a massive pain to remove the marijuana by-product when you’re ready to utilize it. We’ve all gotten desperate enough to pinch a bit between our fingers and sprinkle it on top of the bowl, […]

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The Pyptek Dreamroller

Steamroller fans: this piece is amping up the game with an aircraft grade aluminum outer later that protects the glass pipe. These pipes are great for quickly clearing hits without air resistance.

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Marijuana Baking Mold

This mold is great for making small treats like gummies (infused with weed if you want to make them extra special). It could also make ice cubes, small cookies, soap, and dog treats (non weed-infused).

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Seed of Life Herb Grinder

This grinder’s classic black and white design is sleek, with a hint of spirituality featured in the flower of life design. The grinder is small enough to be easily transportable in a bag or pocket.

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Mushroom 🍄 Chillum Glass Pipe

This shroomy little chillum is fit for Wonderland. Just throw the little guy in your pocket for a quick and quirky smoke break on your next waltz through the woods.

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420 Cannabis Soap

Experience the natural skincare benefits of marijuana with this soap, made with cannabis leaves and extracts and free of harsh additives.

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