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5 Things You Should Know About Cannabis Laws in Barcelona

Can I Use Cannabis in Barcelona? After decades of struggle, the pro-cannabis groups in Spain have almost won the battle. The current set of laws for weed there are far more relaxed than most countries. They control consumption of cannabis in both public and private spaces. However, you could still end up in trouble for […] More

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Love for Her Grandmother Inspired this Nurse to Explore Cannabis

Kebra Smith-Bolden is a Registered Nurse who’s actions are transforming the cannabis industry, especially in her home state of CT. Watch us chat and learn how Kebra’s love for her grandmother inspired her journey to become a cannabis nurse. Learn more about Kebra’s dedication to bringing medical marijuana to the communities that need it and […] More

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Plumbus Hand Pipe

We still don’t know what this Rick and Morty themed Plumbus actually is. What we do know, is you can smoke out if it.

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Here’s What Full-Spectrum Cannabis Is And Why It’s So Important.

Whole Plant Medicine vs Isolate Not all cannabis is equal. Once you begin to explore cannabis as a medicine, you frequently hear the terms like, “whole-plant medicine” or “full-spectrum cannabis”. What is whole plant medicine? What does full-spectrum cannabis mean? And why is it important? The terms “whole-plant” and “full-spectrum” are synonyms and are thus […] More

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Albert High-nstein Dab Pad

Good old Al would have appreciated a fat dab in his day, we think. This dab mat is made with thick, high-quality material to keep your glass safe.

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Framed 3D Marijuana Plant

This high definition print is made with 3D detail to stand out among the crowd. There’s no better testament to Mary Jane than a poster of her beautiful buds hanging in your living room.

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