August 26th and 27th at the Cottage Grove Rodeo Grounds

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GET YOUR TICKETS AT THE GATE - Gates open at 4pm on Friday and 12 on Saturday!


Come early on Friday and claim your spot, get set for a weekend of loud, wild fun, all for a good cause!  Gates open at noon on Friday, $40 for a weekend pass – including all events, or $10 for a day pass.  Family Friendly till 8pm, then the under 21’s need to head for the camper.


Be ready to get your party on with live music Friday and Saturday night.  Get a little grown-up time in.  $2 beers at the Beer Garden sponsored by Western Beverage and Sam’s Place Tavern.


Burn Out Pit, Bike Show, 50/50 Raffle, Drawings for seriously cool stuff from the main stage, and 800+ lbs of screaming iron horse competing in all the classic Harley Rodeo games…that’s a rodeo!  Entries are open to all comers, but register early.

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Lithia Chevrolet - Bend


Baxter Plumbing


Discount Windows


Lithia Dodge


Sam's Place


Latus Harley Davidson


Lithia Nissan


Prairie Rd. Automotive


Bell Tractor


The Bands

Friday Night - Jet Harris & His Hotrod Hellcats

Friday Night - Big Monti Amundson

Saturday Night - Phamous Phaces

The Vendors


  • Rebel Rally Beer Garden

  • Cottage Grove Riding Academy Kitchen

  • Piglet Food Truck

  • Sweet Bay Shaved Ice


  • Rebel Rally T-Shirts & Commemorative Pins!

  • Road Vixen

  • Fing Ride

  • Bullets Into Jewelry

  • Brandi-D’s

  • Pure Romance

  • Viking Screen Printing

  • Beans Beads/Debs Crafts


  • LuLaRoe clothing

  • Tamis Colors – Tye Dye


  • Bikers for Christ – BIKE SHOW

  • Latus Harley Davidson

  • Brads Cartunes

  • Winky Enterprises

  • Team Oregon

  • Combat Veteran MC Assoc.

  • Take a Country Look

  • Cutting Edge Illusions

  • Scentsy & Airbrush Tattoos

  • Cycle Shade

  • Cycle Gear

  • Discount Motorcycle Parts

  • Baron’s Den

  • Custom Powderworks

  • N Touch Detailing

  • Black Label Powersports

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Each year, in conjunction with various partners including Eugene Daily News, Three Rivers Casino and Lithia Automotive Group, Rebel Rally puts on multiple events. This years Poker Run at the Florence Rhody Days festival and this years Dexter 4th of July brought more funds and awareness to the needs of local Veterans. Last years Innaugural Rodeo event was a tremendous success, providing much needed funding to local Veterans groups including the Tribute To Fallen Soldiers Northwest.


Make this the event that caps off your summer, come enjoy the patriotic atmosphere, the noise and most of all the beautiful surroundings that we enjoy here in Lane County.


The Rebel Rally 501C(3) is a Non-Profit Organization made up of dedicated people that help bring recognition to Veterans, honor our fallen soldiers and support their families.

Games & Future Events

Our Next Events:

  • Rebel Rally Poker Run 2017 (at Florence Rhody Fest!)
  • Dexter 4th of July 2017
  • Festival Of Eugene 2017 (Cancelled)
    email us at if you support us reviving this now defunct show.
  • Rebel Rally Rodeo 2017

We’ve got some classic rodeo style events, and a whole bunch of decidedly Motorcycle enthusiast related events for this years Rebel Rally Rodeo.  We’ve even got a couple of Games we’ll be throwing out for you from stage between the live music sets.  If you haven’t registered for the rally, register up above.  If you are registered, now’s the time to pick the games you want to try your hand at.  Check out the descriptions and images below.  We know your bike can handle it…

Just like barrel racing with a live horse only on your iron horse.  This is a timed event with a set path around a 3 barrel course.  This is always the most challenging event at the RRR.

Rider and Mistress are lying in bed with the Riders shoes or boots off.  When shots are fired, Rider must get up, put their boots on, go through the window, get on their bike and get across the finish line.  The fastest time wins.  Don’t try this at home.

In this timed event, the Rider races to a barrel on the opposite end of the Arena, chugs a beer and races back to the finish line.  Fastest time wins.  Not as easy as it sounds, that’s some soft dirt out there.

This elimination race is a test of skill and patience.  The Rider will attempt to stay on a narrow, 50′ plank as long as possible.  Your feet can’t touch the ground.  There is one winner – the one that gets the furthest.  If more than one Rider makes it the whole distance, there will be another round until there is only 1 Rider left.  There can be only 1.

If you are new to this event, here’s how it goes: The Rider navigates the bike towards a hot dog (with mustard or mayo on it) dangling from a string.  The Passenger attempts to take a bite out of the hotdog as they drive under it.  The Rider has to go slow enough for the passenger to get a bite.  The Passenger who gets the biggest bite is the winner.  If the Rider’s feet hit the ground or they stop the bike, they are disqualified.  The best ones get the whole dog and not a drop on their faces.

In this elimination race, pairs of Riders must ride down a narrow lane as slow as they can go.  Put a foot down or drop your ride, you’re disqualified.  Last one to cross the finish line moves on to the next round.  How long can you last?

Simmer down.  In this event, couples compete against other couples.  While the Rider navigates a series of cones, the Passenger has to not only grab the tennis ball from the cone, but keep them in hand for the return trip when the balls have to be put back on the cones.  Pick them all up, get them all back in place.  The team that picks up the most balls and gets the most balls back where they belong wins.  Put a foot down though and you’re out.