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NFL Draft 2031 – Hyundai Gets Clever


I admit it, as much as I love football (thank you sons), I love a great commercial almost as much. Now Hyundai is attempting to capitalize on the NFL Draft in a big way.

The Big Four Duck Comeback Nominees

Bralon Addison Feature

This coming Monday, May 2nd, ESPN’s Neil Everett will again host the Ducks Comeback Awards at Matthew Night Arena.¬†According to Rob Moseley over at GoDucks.com¬†the nominees, selected by UO student athletes are: Football: BRALON ADDISON “Robbed of his 2014 season by a knee injury, the elusive wide receiver and kick returner returned with a vengeance […]

Where Did The Week Go…

Gooey the primate-Eugene Police Department

Where Did The Week Go: Eugene Pet Store Owner Busted for Paying Prostitute with Primate, ‘Boaty McBoatface’ Name for Research Ship Might be Changed and High School Basketball Star is in Fact a 30-Year-Old Man.

The Bier Stein: Bottleshop And Pub


Nestled in Eugene we have our very own beer hall with an array of bottles and beers on tap.

Film Fanatic: ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ is an Independent Film According to Oscar Isaac, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Jurassic World 2’ News

Captain America Civil War-comicbookmovie.com

Film Fanatic: ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ is an Independent Film According to Oscar Isaac, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Eying $175 Million Opening Weekend and J.A. Bayona Hired to Direct ‘Jurassic World 2.’

I’ll run… But Only If I Am Being Chased.

Staub's Treadmill

Running and jogging may be popular, but not for me. There are various reasons why the treadmill is my exercise choice. I’ll explain why, where an d by whom treadmills were invented.

Testing 1-2-3: Green Crack


An Experiment In ‘Forgetting What I Was Just Doing’.

This Anniversary Could Suggest Future “Natural” Cooling… Or Not.

Tambora Volcano

Did you know that volcanic eruptions can change the weather and possibly even our climate? A look at two particular volcanoes and seeing what is coming next. I’ll explain.

King Columbia at the Growler Underground

2016 KingColumbia2

“King Columbia” will be playing at the Growler Underground, April 16th.

Feeling No Pain. A Tale Of Weed And Its Endless Wonders.

the other side of the road

One particular person and the situation I found myself in had a major impact on me and I don’t think I will soon forget how it has changed me and taught me about being just a decent human.

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