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Film Fanatic: ‘Split’ Review

M. Night Shyamalan’s latest isn’t quite a return to form for the director, but he’s on the right track.

Film Fanatic: Tom Hardy Says Mad Max Sequels Still On

Film Fanatic: Tom Hardy eager to return to Mad Max world and Lucasfilm shoots down rumors of Carrier Fisher returning as Princess Leia in digital form.

A Necessary Tool, But Using It Grosses Out Some People.

I’m sure you have used this tool more than once in your life, but do you know it’s origin. The toilet plunger has been around for a long time. I’ll explain what we know about its invention.

Where Did The Week Go… Mail Carrier Jeff Kramer Builds Ramp for Elderly Dog

Colorado Mail Carrier Jeff Kramer Builds Ramp for Elderly Dog Normally a mail carrier’s biggest fear or obstacle when delivering the mail is a rabid dog. But for Jeff Kramer in Boulder, Colorado, the highlight of his route was his daily encounters with Tashi the black lab. “As fast as he could — which was […]

Film Fanatic: Five Under the Radar Movies to See in 2017

Film Fanatic

Satchel Page Said It, But The Opposite Can Be Revealing.

Downed Tree

At the beginning of every year we tend to look back at the past year too see how it progressed. Then National Weather Service Forecast Office in Portland issued their summary of 2016’s weather. I’ll share it with you.

Where Did The Week Go… Keep Betty White Alive!

Betty White makes it to 2017, Brenna Clanton gets even with ex-fiance and 21 stuck on roller coaster for nearly seven hours.

This Time I really Mean It. Well, At Least For A While.

New Year's Resolutions

Most of us at least contemplate possible New Year’s resolutions and most often we don’t succeed in performing them. How did the tradition start and who began the practice? I’ll explain.

Film Fanatic: ‘Passengers’ Review

Film Fanatic: ‘Passengers’ is the latest space adventure to land in theaters.

For The Time Being It’s Over. What About The Next Time?

Are You Ready?

We survived a serious ice storm in Oregon, but just how prepared were you? Could you have been better prepared? Do you know what you would do differently in the next storm? I’ll have some answers to those questions.

Open Mics

  • 01/21/17 Open Mic in Springfiled, Oregon at Rasta Plus
  • 01/22/17 Open Jam in Walterville, Oregon at River Stop
  • 01/22/17 Open Mic in Eugene, Oregon at Mulligan’s
  • 01/23/17 Open Mic in Eugene, Oregon at First National Taphouse
  • 01/24/17 Open Mic in Eugene, Oregon at Hot Mama’s Wings

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