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Mark Apkers 2013 Lane County Golf Guide

LCGG: Diamond Woods Golf Course

If you want a round of golf that you will truly enjoy you should go. Seriously, go. I sincerely hope you appreciate Diamond Woods as much as I did. I’m sure you will.

LCGG: Oakway Golf Course

A league is competing everyday at Oakway. When I arrived at the clubhouse General Manager, Jamaal Was a blur of motion. He was greeting customers by name, working the register and preparing activities for the day’s league participants. I rode with him in his cart as he prepared the course for closest to the pin […]

LCGG: Emerald Valley Golf Club

Excellent players compete at Emerald Valley. Emerald Valley is the ideal course for public players looking for great conditions at an economical price. It’s not the ideal course for the raw beginner; it’s challenging for even the best players.

LCGG: McKenzie River Golf Course

McKenzie River Golf Course is dedicated to being a reasonably priced place for golfers to improve their game. The course is in very good shape. The holes are challenging, but even a less experienced player can score well with a few decent shots.

LCGG: Hidden Valley Golf Course

Hidden Valley cultivates an incredibly friendly and laid-back atmosphere in their clubhouse, and it’s a good thing they do. You’ll need to feel good about yourself going into an incredibly difficult first hole on what is a very challenging course. Regardless of how you play, you’ll see the same smiling faces as you leave, which should cheer you up in preparation for your next round.

LCGG: Ocean Dunes Golf Links

Ocean Dunes is a unique and exciting, thrill-ride of a course located on the Oregon Coast.

LCGG: Laurelwood Golf Course

Laurelwood is family, earth and animal friendly with a laid back atmosphere which welcomes all.

LCGG: Middlefield Golf Course

In this issue of the Golf Guide I take a look at Middlefield – A well maintained working-man’s course where it’s all about the water.

LCGG: RiverRidge Golf Complex

Ric Jefferies and his wife, Debbie, had the guts to forge their own path through life. The result is a fantastic golf facility of which the Jefferies’ can be proud and that accurately reflects their vision for what life should be.

LCGG: Tokatee

The picturesque location promises a relaxed round and postcard views at every turn.

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