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Pikachu Herb Grinder

When it comes to freshly grinded bowls, we’ve gotta cash ’em all. This super kawaii Pikachu grinder is sooo extra (and we love it). Pro tip: The seller also makes grinders shaped like different types of Pokeballs.

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Green Gone Detox Kit

Have an important test coming up that you forgot to, um, study for? For your emergency detoxing needs, this cleansing system is designed to help you rid traces of THC from your body in time for a drug test, and includes five test strips for your own monitoring.

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Blue Octopus Themed Pipe

This snazzy octopus sculpture hides a sweet surprise when you flip it upside down: it’s actually a perfectly functional pipe. Everything’s better under the sea, so get ready to feel like you’re floating after a hit from this bowl.


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Hanging Bud Drying Rack

Is harvest time just around the corner? If so, then you might be in need of this drying rack from Happy Hydro. With 4 tiers of breathable polyester mesh, you’ll have plenty of space to dry as well as 360-degree access for tending to your herb.

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Meowijuana King Catnibas Meowy J’s Catnip Treats

If your feline friend could use a treat at the end of the day but you’re tired of buying catnip from the sketchy dealer on the street corner, pick up a pack of these legal meowijuana joints. What a time to be alive.

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The Roll-uh-Bowl

This portable water pipe is designed with convenience in mind. When you want to smoke on the go but don’t want to resort to a small glass pipe stashed in your pocket, look no further. This design was created to roll up to travel with ease, and is dishwasher safe.

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Cannaphobia: What I Say to the Haters

This website is informational and cannot diagnose or treat illness or disease. Medical marijuana should be used under the direction of a licensed healthcare provider. This site is intended for adults and legal medical marijuana patients.This site contains advertisements. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may be paid a commission.

How to Handle Cannaphobia For 80 years, propaganda has been pushed, with society declaring cannabis to be an evil substance from which we must protect our children. With all that cannaphobic brainwashing, of course, we will encounter haters in our fight to legalize this plant. It’s not that these folks are particularly uptight or even small-minded, they’ve just been battered down by a lifetime of brainwashing. I’m fortunate to receive mostly kind messages, but on occasion, a cannaphobic reaches out and behaves rather poo-ish. I have a fairly standard response to these types. Here’s a screenshot of my recent exchange with a non-fan

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Price of marijuana in Oregon plummets as the number of recreational pot growers explodes

The retail and wholesale prices of pot in Oregon are falling with the proliferation of producers and recreational marijuana shops, according to an analysis by a state economist. “The biggest thing is just competition,” said Josh Lehner, an economist wi…

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The Herb Preserve

This jar will not only contain the dank scent of your new score, but will also protect it from damaging and drying light – keeping your stash fresh longer.  

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