american flag

“It’s A Grand Old Flag.”


We just celebrated our Independence Day and a big part of the celebration involves the American flag. I am involved in a project that gives flags to youngsters in schools. I'll explain that and some things you may not have known about our flag.

Camping World Installs Giant US Flag


COBURG, Ore. — The new Camping World in Coburg has a new, giant symbol of American pride waving above its store. The flag measures 40 by 80 feet. It took more than 20 men just to unfold the flag and carry it to the 130-foot pole. The giant flag is part of the company’s national … Continue reading »

Giant Flag Damaged by Winter Storm


SPRINGFIELD, Ore — A Springfield veteran, who is the proud owner of an impression American flag collection, says one of his largest flags was badly damaged by the recent ice storm. Jim Dobson owns Cascade Auto on 38th and Main Street, and what’s usually flying in front of his shop gets a lot of attention. … Continue reading »

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