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Malakoff Loaf

52 weeks of cooking – The Alps When cooking for a crowd I try to find alternatives to making individual appetizers, it takes too much time fiddling with small things, why not make a few huge ones and slice it up. This week’s Reddit challenge […]

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Cabbage Confetti Salsa

This is my beautiful friend Beth or as she prefers to be called Lady BethFace. She started off as a friend of my husband’s before I met him, they sailed together on the Lady Washington in 2008. When I first started working on Zodiac she […]

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Squiggly Wonton Shrimp

52 weeks of cooking – Four in a row Week 21: Cheap Meals – ingredients for wontons are cheap and shrimp was on sale week 22: East Asia – Chinese Week 23: Deep Frying – deep fried it Week 24: From Scratch – homemade wonton […]

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Tomato Pate a Choux with Ricotta Filling

52 weeks of baking – Pate a Choux These deep orange colored pate a choux are tomato flavored and filled with a herby ricotta mixture. My first attempt at making these I adorned the tops of the dough with very thin slices of tomato, they […]

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Mini Okonomiyaki

52 weeks of cooking – Multi-Course Meal Growing up my brother was the one who was more interested in cooking than I was, he even considered going to culinary school at one point. He was the one who introduced me to okonomiyaki, cabbage pancakes. The […]

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Borek and Charred Green Onion Dip

52 weeks of cooking – Balkan When I think back on my vacation to Turkey I always think about the food first. The art that I saw, the beautiful mosques and the palaces covered in mosaics were fantastic but it’s the food that stands out […]

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Mushroom Pinchy Pies

52 weeks of baking – Veggie You know those items that sit in your fridge for a long time and you keep planning on using them, but it never really happens? Well these mushrooms sat around for awhile, but I did finally end up using […]

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