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Borek and Charred Green Onion Dip

52 weeks of cooking – Balkan When I think back on my vacation to Turkey I always think about the food first. The art that I saw, the beautiful mosques and the palaces covered in mosaics were fantastic but it’s the food that stands out […]

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Mushroom Pinchy Pies

52 weeks of baking – Veggie You know those items that sit in your fridge for a long time and you keep planning on using them, but it never really happens? Well these mushrooms sat around for awhile, but I did finally end up using […]

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Savory Cheesecake

52 weeks of baking – Cheese I never thought I would be annoyed making meat and cheese trays. Each ship has its own unique food needs, maybe they expect appetizers, snacks in the middle of the night, fresh bread all the time, or a set […]

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Yeasted Blini

52 weeks of baking – The Roaring 20’s I’m a bit of a history nerd, mostly when it comes to clothing and complicated royal family trees, not so much with food. The history of food is interesting, but what people actually ate as their everyday […]

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