archery summit

Wine Tasting Adventure: Archery Summit


Archery Summit is a producer of amazing Pinot Noirs that truly reflect the area that the grapes are grown in. The focus for this winery is estate Pinot Noirs primarily, but I fell in love with the 2013 Vireton Pinot Gris and the 2014 Vireton Pinot Noir Rosé. Perfect for any occasion and delicious, these are an excellent addition to any wine collection. Cheers!

What’s In My Glass? Archery Summit


Archery Summit has been producing some incredible Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris from the Willamette Valley for over 20 years. Check out the 2012 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir for yourself - it is a little taste of heaven. Cheers!

Wine Down Eugene


So much for all of my great plans I mentioned in last weeks Wine Down Eugene. Thursday I was supposed to celebrate my anniversary at the beautiful Village Green Resort in Cottage Grove; instead, I spent the night in the hospital after an unexplained fainting spell.

Wine Down Eugene


I've got quite a bit to look forward to in the next seven days, and my jam-packed schedule tells me I'll be enjoying Willamette Valley whether the sun will be shining in a beautiful blue sky or hiding behind an overcast sky blanketed in clouds.

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