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The Whiteaker Block Party

Punks in leather, colorful tie-dye attire mixed with some classy steam punk topped with a way over the top party scene, this years Whiteaker block Party was the best yet.

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Museum of Unfine Art 10 Years of Realistic Idealism

16 years ago, Shawn Mediaclast came through Eugene on his way to Portland, intent on moving either there or the Bay Area, but on their way through he stopped in Eugene…

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Are sports and music as important as other studies?

May 27 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: showers, kicker reductions proposed, I5 Bridge Art, Springfield school sports cuts, special delivery…

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creative commons

Eugene’s Other Community: Involuntary Simplicity

Sometimes its difficult to tell the professionally homeless from the involuntary homeless. This story came to us from Ruby Collette, a homeless local reuse artist who writes about the green movement from the point of view of someone for whom simplicity is not voluntary.

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