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The Most Expensive Wine From Every Country in the World

There are more than 70 countries worldwide producing wine. Historically, 90 percent of the world’s wine came from 15 countries, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization. To understand the global spectrum, we analyzed data from and compiled the most expensive wine from every country. From the Old World usual suspects, to […]

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The National Flag of Australia
The national flag of Australia

Outback Steakhouse Embarrassed by Australia Day Promotion.

Restaurant chain Outback Steakhouses embarrasses itself on an Australia Day promotion featuring the flag of another nation. The chain, shunned by Australians as not representative of the nation’s food, blocks users on Twitter outraged at the company.

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Where Did The Week Go…

This past week saw a celebration of the Fourth of July last 15 seconds while in Australia, some wild women mistook policeman for strippers. My Netflix pick is a hockey movie that isn’t boring.

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Creating a Buzz: Didgeridoo Culture in Oregon

Here in Eugene, halfway around the world from the didgeridoo’s birthplace, hardly anyone had heard of the instrument. And nobody could tell Spencer how to play one, or where to buy one, or even where to find a recording of one….but Spencer didn’t let that slow him down.

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