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Ayele Forde

Mark Helfrich Has High Praise for this Year’s Seniors

Mark Helfrich is no stranger to the Colorado football program. Helfrich got his start there in 2006, becoming the youngest offensive coordinator in the history of Division 1 Football. With that being said, he…

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To Those Leaving, Thanks for the Memories. Marcus Mariota?

What a way to end the last home game of the season! Last night, the third-ranked Ducks destroyed Colorado, 44-10, in a match-up that honored the seniors of the team. Plus, all the fans…

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Ayele Forde: The Hidden Gem

The Duck offense is one of the greatest in the nation, and their defense continuously backs it up year after year. But, there’s another part of the game that many of us either tend to forget or take for granted. You know it — special teams, baby! Special teams are just as important to a team’s success as the offense and defense. …

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A Letter to the Assumers Out There: Assumptions Lead to Misconceptions

As a student who has been here for four years coming up on his fifth, you wouldn’t believe the amount of horrible rumors and nonsense that I’ve heard — not just about the football players that we value so highly on the field, but any other student-athlete who walks around this campus. Let me give you a little background before …

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Oregon Football Recruiting Analysis: 2015 Class Size Prediction & Scholarship Breakdown

While it seems like the 2014 class just signed their papers, the 2015 cycle is already well under way.  Two of the common questions early each year are: “How many scholarships are available?” and “How will those scholarships be used?” Using a method I’ve used each of the past two years to predict upcoming class numbers to within one player, …

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Clarifying The Ducks’ Cluttered Backfield

Derek Loville, Saladin McCullough, Terrance Whitehead, Jeremiah Johnson, Jonathan Stewart, LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner — the Oregon football program has always done well with running backs.  The way they have been used has evolved over the years, but the emphasis on stocking the backfield with high quality players remains unaltered. The iron-man-bell-cow-three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust days of the 70′s and 80′s, when one …

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With the Oregon Ducks, It’s About Finding Room for Improvement

The Colorado Buffaloes threw everything but the kitchen sink at the Oregon Ducks on Saturday, but it seems that no one has more weapons than themselves.

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#30 – Ayele Forde

Oregon Ducks running back Ayele Forde, a redshirt junior from Silverado High School (Victorville, California), enters his fourth season in the UO program.

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Wouldn’t Now be a Great Time to Have Those Transfers Back?

Oregon has great running backs; that’s a given. But imagine if Lache Seastrunk, Dontae Williams and Tra Carson had stayed with the team? Can you imagine all that talent? This may be the year all the transferring catches up with the Ducks.

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Bains: Ducks football should continue to take the proverbial foot off the pedal

While the plodding pace of the second half (which incidentally earned Marcus Mariota & Co. an uncommon win in the time of possession battle) was boring and led to many leaving Autzen early, it was a really cool thing for me to see.

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