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Cluster Granola

52 weeks of baking – Breakfast/Brunch When I cooked on Class Afloat I made large batches of yoghurt from scratch, it seemed more practical than having to buy and refrigerate several small containers. I could just make the yoghurt when I needed a big batch, […]

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Salmon Quiche with Shallots and Spinach

There is a lot of salmon that happens on this boat, almost every Friday night we have a salmon dinner sail, I’m tried of making it and tired of eating it. I’ve made every flavor I can think of, but it’s always a large fillet […]

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Tocino – Filipino Breakfast Meat

On a family trip to the Philippines we went to the island of Cebu, we stayed at a small hotel on the beach that reminded me of previous vacations to Mexico. We went snorkeling, climbed around waterfalls, drank lots of banana smoothies and enjoyed the […]

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Strawberry Mint Scones

I enjoy putting flavors together that are just outside of being normal, something somewhat familiar but not often put together. The first time I made strawberry mint scones I was really impressed with how perfectly the strawberries and mint complimented each other. The scone dough […]

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Dutch Baby

Do you know about the Badder-Meinhof Phenomenon? It’s where you learn about something new and then after you start to encounter it every where, like you were blind to it before. This happened to me with Dutch babies. I like to describe a Dutch baby […]

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Savory Green Onion Pancakes

52 weeks of cooking – Onions Pancakes do not always have to be sweet and covered in a river of maple syrup, pancakes can be savory. The first time I made savory pancakes it was the topping that was savory, not the pancakes, it mostly […]

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