9 Egg White Cake


52 weeks of baking – Tube/Bundt Cake I have fond memories of making angel food cake from a box with my grandma. Pouring ingredients into the mixer, letting it whip up into a big foamy batter and picking off the brown crust as it cools […]

Chamomile Honey Bundt Cake


52 weeks of baking – No sugar I’m always trying to cut down on sugar in my baked goods. It’s needed for texture in cakes and cookies, but sometimes it just seems like an overwhelming amount, especially when you are making a huge amount of […]

Banana Split Cupcakes


52 weeks of cooking – Rainbow Sometimes you just need a ridiculous dessert. I’m not necessarily talking a show stopper but just something with a lot of components that makes for a wow both in taste and appearance, to me taste always comes first. These […]

Swedish Princess Petit Fours


52 weeks of baking – Afternoon Tea When I was a kid my brother and I came up with a rule, he got to make pies, I got to make cookies and cakes. We were not allowed to make something the other person was allowed […]

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